Package deal

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Jannete's POV

" what !! Oh my gosh thank you , a billion times thank you " I scream with excitement through the phone

My mom is the best , she got me a travel package to go to Barcelona, Paris and London.

" Happy early birthday sweetie , you deserve this "

My mom says through the phone

" again thanks mom , I'll come by the house in a bit , i gotta go , lunch break is over in a bit " I say

We say our goodbyes and I head back inside the small cafe.

I've been working here for about a month now and I get along with most of the employees.

By that I mean I don't get along with Brittany.

She's this really conceited blonde. I'm not gonna lie she is stunning but just her stuck up personality kills it.

She knows she's pretty and she uses that to her advantage.

She likes to flirt with all the male costumers, talk about getting a raise too.

I enter through the double doors and see I have two hours left to go home.

And especially the top three places i always wanted to visit.

This may not seem like such a big deal to others but to me it's everything.

After the shift I have to head home and prepare.

The cafe hasn't been that busy lately so I have an easy day.

Mostly a lot of elders come here.

They all enjoy our coffee, especially because they know I'm nice enough to put extra cream in their drinks.

I guess they gotta have their cream.


During those two hours I clean up some tables and serve up orders.

It was a pretty easy day , not much I guess.

The only challenge was ....

I couldn't stop thinking of those green eyes for some reason.

We've chatted a bit and met once but something was just there stuck in my mind.

And i just don't know what it is


Later that day I got home.

My mom had been waiting patiently to tell me all the details about this trip.

Apparently it's a group of forty people, we will be staying at some five star hotels in each city and we will have some free time to explore on our own.

" I also have another surprise for you " she says with excitement

She opens the little closet door in her room and out comes a nice big suitcase.

" aww mama , you didn't have to " I wrap my arms around her

" I just want you to have the best trip that's all " she says into my neck

" thank you so much , for everything , and I will have the best trip ever , especially because it came from you , thank you " I say , I hug her even tighter and give her a big kiss on her cheek.

When I let of I look at the suitcase , I must say it's very nice.

It's a good size , nice teal colour and brown zippers.

It looks very classy , I like that about it.


After chatting with my mom for a good twenty minutes I roll the case into my room and put it to the side.

I decide to take a shower and call it a day.


When I'm done with all that I take my phone out and charge it.

I look over to see what's new.

Mhhm maybe I should DM harry , haven't talked in while so why not right.

I send a simple how are you and while waiting for his reply I scroll on my twitter news feed.

The usual same subjects everyone talks about .

- super excited :)

I tweet

At the moment I tweet it I get a reply form harry

HARRY - I'm well , thank u :]

HARRY - super excited ? For what ?

He asks

Maybe I should tell him

- aha you saw my tweet, well for an early birthday gift .... I'm going to Europe !!! :D

- aha lovely , and happy early birthday

- aw thanks , what u been up to ?

I ask him simple questions and we talk about how I will love Europe, he even said how he would love for me to stop by and say hello .


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