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Like Winter's barren fields long for the Spring Sun's kiss,

So I long to feel your breath upon my skin.

It has been too long since your touch graced my being,

Too long since your embrace did encompass me fully.

How cruel this world is for taking you from me daily.

How cruel to make me long for your return.

Take hold of me, my love, and never let me go.

May your love be a shelter, shielding me from this cold world.

May your touch be a prison that I dare not escape.

I give myself to you wholly, fully, completely.

May I never long for another.

For who am I to choose the moon above the sun.

To choose the dim light of a star above the radiance of your warming love.

From you comes the light of my world,

All else is meaningless darkness, void of life, void of love.

I choose life, I choose warmth, I choose you!

You are mine, and I yours

Once two, now one.

To lose you, is to lose me.

May I always be found by your side,

For to be alone is to be undone.

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