Chapter Forty Two.

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I'm trying and trying not to think negatively about Dalton's absence, but my fear and worry grows bigger and stronger with every passing day. As much as I try, Nathaniel too, we just can't locate him. It's like he really did vanish into thin air.

As if he wasn't enough for me to be worried about, the attack on Germany never came. Instead it was a surprise attack on Amsterdam in the middle of the night yesterday.

It was a smaller settlement than Germany, but they had been horribly unprepared and very few had heeded my warnings and left. Hundreds were slaughtered on a live feed that the Doctor was able to overtake.

Even now the media continues to reply the gut wrenching images. They've been eating it up, loving to use this all as a smear campaign against me, the awful red headed reporter and her new favorite guest Eyan are always there, taunting me from the TV.

"Where is your so called queen now?" They say, video of two bodies laying face down on the ground covered in colorful flames in the background.

Pedro stands to go and turn it off, but I shake my head at him. "They aren't wrong you know?" I point out. "I'm here hiding in a bunker while the people are out there suffering. Dying even."

Pedro stalks back to his seat, and sighs. "You're human, Rose. What else can you do?"

I slump back in my seat. "I don't know." I admit. I've spent hours on end and days trying to come up with a way I could be helping. I know no one will turn me early, so that isn't an option, and I don't have the slightest of inklings how we can defeat an enemy we can hardly get close to. It's seeming more and more impossible the more I think of it. "What if there really isn't anything else we can do?"

"What do you mean?" Dad shrugs.

I debate whether or not to speak my mind, but we aren't in a place to hold things back anymore. Not when none of us knows how much longer we may have. "What if this is it? What if we're really at the end and the only miracle we had left was that we get to face it all together?"

The room falls quiet and I realize I'm not the only one who has thought this way.

"I'll admit," Malcom mumbles. "I've been mulling over the same thing in my head."

Dad nods, walking over to me and putting his hand on my shoulder. In front of us the video rolls on, blood and limbs strewn everywhere. "You know I don't like to think that way, and I still have hope, but I guess you have to decide, if these are our last days, how do you want to go out?"

I stop to think about that, a girl's cries echoing in the background as she recounts her tale of barely escaping the attack. I know the fear she carries, I've seen what the Casters can do up close and personal. It's horrifying.

I hate knowing that the people I'm responsible for are suffering. "If this is the end I don't want to go down without a fight. I want to exhaust every option we've got."

"What if we already have?" Fallon chimes in but then ducks her head like she's ashamed of herself for doubting us, but I don't blame her.

"Then I'll be proud to spend my last days fighting beside you all." It's the one thing I can say with certainty and love. If I have to die, there is no other group of people I'd rather be with when that time comes. I try to just remain grateful that I've gotten this extra time with my dad and Pedro.

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