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*Alicia, Strand, Ofelia and Madison leave a house and look for supplies on the road.
*Elyza is in a group and she leaves for a run.
*Elyza comes across Travis and Chris and takes them back to her camp as prisoners.
*Elyzas camp catches on fire in the night she escapes with Travis, Chris and her sister Jane.
*Elyza, Jane, Travis and Chris all end up on a beach.
* Strand, Madison, Alicia and Ofelia find Nick while driving on the road.
*Alicia and her group stop at the beach.
*Elyza and Jane come with Alicia's group.
*Group arrives at a prison.
*A unknown group showed up at the prison and attacks.
*The group wonders off in different directions (to get away from the prison).
*Alicia, Strand and Elyza end up together and then split up.
*Alicia and Elyza get kidnapped.
* Alicia and Elyza captors make them go to "The Kingdom" to spy on them.
*Elyza goes with Morgan on a run, finds Strand and then ends up at Alexandria.
*Alicia wonders into the woods and meets a lady named Carol and goes into her house and they talk for hours.

I thought a recap was a good idea since the story has stretched on for so long.

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