4. I'm Not The Kind of Fool

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Alex's P.O.V

The annoyance of misplacing something usually passes after you guiltily admit to the fact you've lost what you're looking for. Although this time, it wasn't only annoyance I felt, but misery.. And this feeling wasn't about to pass any time soon. I'd lost Flo's number.

I hadn't stopped thinking about the consequences of this for quite some time and I swear it was beginning to drive me insane.

Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how Flo had reacted to his situation. I had a few ideas though:

1. She was mad at me for not texting her and feels that I used for her sex.
If this is the case, I feel incredibly guilty and distraught that I can't do anything to show her that I have infact lost her number and couldn't get hold of her.

2. She doesn't care that I haven't texted her and she is forgetting that I exist. I hoped with my life that she didn't feel this way, I don't think I could ever forget her.

Deciding that over-thinking wasn't very healthy, I called the guys and arranged a day in the studio. Anything that could take my mind of Flo was a God's gift and I knew that playing around with some stuff on the guitar would atleast calm myself down. Ordering a taxi, I called Nick and to tell him I was on my way...


When I arrived at the studio, the boys were already there. I bounded up the wooden staircase and rushed into the mixing booth where I found them. I loved being in the studio, it was practically a home from for me. My mind emptied completely and I could focus on lyrics that came to me at ease.

"Here he is, Mr Front-page Big-shot!"

Matt mocked with a smug chuckle and waved a paper infront of my confused face.

Grabbing the paper violently, I read the headline that smacked me right in the face... "Turner's Mystery Girl"... Before I could react to the confusing situation, Nick chimed in

"So, who's the lucky girl?" He exclaimed quite tunefully, winking at me and laughing with the other boys.

I paused for a while to properly examine the girl beside me in the picture... "That's my fucking cousin!" I screamed in utter anger and frustration and threw the rubbish-filled 'newspaper' on the floor.

"Oohh, Alex I think that's incest"

Cookie raised an eyebrow as he gave the idea.

"I didn't shag her, you fag" I began, in response to the smirk that plastered his face "she needed a place to stay for the night so I offered her my spare room!"

"Ohhh" all the queries had been answered and the boys were content with the information I'd given, there wasn't much to stay. It's not like I'd - "Oh..shit." I burst out, mid thought. It had only just come to my realisation that the majority of Britain's population would see these lies created over poor judgement... That may include Flo - the last person I wanted to see this and the only person I wanted to see right now. I began to panic. What if she thought I only wanted her for the shag? And that I'd found a new girl? It wasn't like that - I genuinely want to see her again! If it hadn't been for my misfortune, this could have all been avoided, but of course; I found myself stuck in a spiral of panic making preconceptions and hole of misery and annoyance.... I had to do something to get hold of her, and I thought I had an idea...


I'm sorry this part is a bit boring, just thought it needed to be covered really!

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