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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 13: Only one

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A/N: This is where Avery kind of feels mushy already. Hahahaha! I hope you enjoy.


I think I’m floating. But no, that doesn’t seem right. The last thing I remembered was walking to school, but I was really drowsy and…

“Hey, kid!”

I gasped. I was startled back to consciousness and almost stumbled backward. That was incredibly stupid!

“Sorry!” I called out to our neighbour from his window. You saved my life, I wanted to add. He said, “Yeah, no problem!” then, “Drink coffee!” I should definitely do that.

“Will do!” I started walking again, willing not to make another scene like that one. God, that was embarrassing. I yawned. I really can’t believe I just did that! I don’t think it’s even possible.

I shifted the weight of my backpack and tried to focus my mind. If only I slept properly last night. Why does this have to happen to me, off all people! I clenched my teeth together as I recalled the events after dinner last night.

The lights were off. I was half-sleeping already and looking forward to a peaceful slumber when my phone rang beside my head.

Oh, God. I’ve had bloody enough of phone calls starting this afternoon! I bet my house that when I pick up, the phone line would be dead and then it would ring again, I pick it up, no answer, ring, pick-up.

It’s endless. It’s insanity.

But I can’t just let my phone ring like that – I’m only a coward sometimes – so I grabbed it. Fully awake now, I pressed accept and didn’t waste a second to put it in my ear.


“You cold-hearted bitch.”


“How dare you take Travis away from me!”

“Uhm…I really don’t know you. Sorry, but – ”

“Just because the Lord took pity on you and made you his seatmate, doesn’t mean that you have to go flirting with him! Bitch!”

“I don’t know you, okay?” God. The female dog word just gets old and I don’t get hurt when they say that anymore; I probably heard it a gazillion times in less than an hour, “Just stay away from me.”

“I don’t think you even love Travis! You’re just using him, aren’t you? And then you’ll break his heart, you bitch! You’re using him!”

This girl has no idea, not a single idea, that what she’s saying is the other way around. “Please, it’s the middle of the night. We have classes tomorrow – ”

“You just want to go tomorrow so you can slaver over Travis’ body! You are so disgusting!” I don’t believe this. So I am the disgusting one here?

“Look, whoever you are, just get over it. Travis and I are together, he loves me, I love him, the whole nine yards. So, just please, leave me alone. We could all do with some sleep.” I can’t believe I just said that but this girl is pushing me.

“Don’t you dare speak to me like that! You, slut! You’re going to pay for what you did. You hear me? You’re going to pay!” She’s going to scream forever, Avery. Face it. Lord, forgive me. I never hang up on someone, but…

I shakily pressed the decline key and immediately turned my phone off, getting out the battery to be thorough.

Silence. Now this kind of silence is divine.

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