how we met

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My P.O.V
Hi! Im Brooklynn,Brooklynn the singing angel. Me and my friend Nice (TheNicePrincess) are heading to Mickeys Parade! She really wants to meet Oswald! Cause I know she has a HUGE crush on him! The whole time we were watching the parade she was staring at him in awe! It was too cute! I wanted to get a autograph from mickey. No I don't have a crush on him I just loved the parade! We were walking to him when I saw this cute devil dude. I stared at him with my face multiple colors of red. 'I think nice noticed! Oh no...' "ooooooo! Does someone have a crush!!!????" Nice said loud enough for him to hear and even better he saw us! "Hey!" I looked over and saw him. 'Oh god he is adorable!!' "Nice go get your autograph from Oswald!!! Ill be back in a minute" "ok Brook" she said running off blushing as red as a tomato. I walked over to get my autograph from mickey and i saw this wolf kid. 'Maybe he is his brother' "hello mam! Would you like an autograph?" mickey said in his high pitched voice. "Yes I would love t-..." I turned around to see the devil kid vomiting ink.'oh no he has the ink illness'. Me being a fellow cartoon character I also have it. I never told anyone not even nice. I ran over to him "sir are you ok!?!?" I knew I would react soon but I didn't want anyone to know. Ink started going down my face. His bro was helping him. "Mam!! Are you ok!?!?" mickey and Boris said. "Yes im f-fi-....aaaahhh!!!!" I started vomiting ink everywhere. Mickey ran over too me handing me and the demon a bucket. I started crying and screaming. My little ring above my head turned black. Soon I passed out in Mickeys arms. So did the demon kid. Last thing I heard was Nice screaming. One thing I didn't know is that at the last moment bendy grabbed a hold on my hand then everything went black for both of us....

Nice P.O.V

After I got my autograph Oswald kissed my cheek. I found out that his wife died from the ink illness. Im glad Brook doesn't have it! Cause she is a cartoon character she could die at any second of that desiese. I was getting ready to walk away but Oswald grabbed my wrist. "Hey I never got your name~" 'god his voice is like an angel' "uh...I-its N-Nice."
"Well can you come with me tonight. You know like a sleepover? Cause it would be Nice to see you again" I laughed knowing made a bad pun. "Sure" "Great here's my number~ call me!" he kissed my cheek again and walked off. I was sure I was 50 shades of red. I stared to walk back to go get Brook but I heard her scream a long with me another person. I ran over and saw Brook covered in ink so was the ink demon and that were holding,hands. 'Awwwww' " hello mam is this your friend?" mickey said "yes her name is Brooklynn the singing angel " "well would you mind if she stayed with us at my house cause her and bendy won't let each other go...." he said as his bro tried to pull them a part but they didn't budge. " Aw no I don't mind at all. Who else will be there?" I said. "My brother Oswald and his 420 bunny children and also Boris" mickey said pointing to the wolf boy. I blushes when he mentioned Oswald " you have a crush on my brother huh?" "y-yeah....but Brooklynn has a crush on bendy!" "I can tell" Boris said. We started walking to his house. "Well I only have 4 bedrooms so bendy and Brooklynn will have to share a bed and you and Oswald! Is that ok Nice?" "yeah its fine!" I blushed darkly silently fangirling in my head. I knocked on the door and Oswald answered. "Hi Nice,Hi bro" Mickeys mouth dropped and ran over to Oswald giving him an hug. "Ozzy your talking!!!" "yes I am so why don't I give nice a tour and who is this.?" mickey let go of Oswald "This is Brooklynn,Bendy and Boris! They are staying with us!" "what happened to Brook and Bendy?" "oh they have the ink illness" oswald looked at them in shock and let them come in. After a quick little tour we went to bed.

My P.O.V

I woke up and everyone is asleep even Bendy. 'I don't want my friends to worry about me especially Bendy and Nice' I snuck out of the house and into the alleyway. Though I didn't know that Bendy followed me. I felt the pain go through my body again and started throwing up ink. I heard someone walking torwards me and picked me up. It wasn't Bendy it was someone with a cup as a head. "H-huh.....?" "hello mam my name is Cuphead are you ok?" he said as I heard people coming torwards us. It Was Mickey,Boris, Nice and Bendy. Nice was holding oswalds hand. Her and oswalds stopped and looked at each other. Oswalds and her kept leaning in until their lips touched. "Can you put me down now cuphead?" "yes I can miss...." "brooklynn" he put me down and i giggled. I hugged him and thanked him for helping me not noticing my shirt was unbuttoned and I was only wearing a sports bra. I looked at oswald and nice just to find them making out!!! "Hey get a room!!" I shouted while holding in my giggles. They turned around out of breath with both faces flushed. I turned around only to come face to face with bendy. I blushed a dark red. We both started to lean in. Then bendy. Closed the gap and kissed me. I gasped but kissed back. We went back home. Lets just say Boris became an uncle that night ;)

Nice. P.O.V

Me and oswald went home with everyone else and well lets just say we added 220 bunny kids to the bunch.
6 months later

Bendys P.O.V

Whelp Brooklynn and Nice are in the hospital. Yep. Demons can get Angels pregnant! I can't wait to see my perfect child! It took everyone by surprise when we found out they were pregnant. Turns out bunnies can get pregnant to. And another 220 kids to the 420 that they already have! Though its awesome cause me and oswald are planning to purpose to them after the children are born.

~time skip cause im bored~

I was in her room and got on one knee. "Brooklynn I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our child so Brooklynn,will you marry me?" "yes,yes....I will Bendy!" I hugged her as they brought our child in it was a girl. "So what do wanna name her" I said. "How about Jessica?" brooklynn replied."that's perfect"

Oswald P.O.V

Well its time. I walked in her room as they were bringing in our bunny kids. I got on one knee and looked at her. "Nice you have made me the happiest Bunny alive. So will you do the honors and marry me?" she started crying and said "yes!!!!!!"

Just like that me and bendy had a double wedding with our kids and new wives.

.there you go that's it for this! The next chapter will just be about Nice And Oswald

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