Chapter 1 *Book 1*

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(A/N All the characters from the original Harry Potter books belong to J.K. Rowling. Haylie belongs to me of coerce but pretty much everyone else belongs to J.K. Rowling. Enjoy ~Kara)

All at the Potter house was silent when Albus Dumbledore arrived. James Potter lay dead on the stairs. Lily Potter lay dead in front of the bed of their three year old daughter who was sleeping silently. Dumbledore was extremely sad about the deaths of Lily and James but was so happy that their daughter Haylie Elizabeth Potter had lived. She would live with a horrible memory but, Dumbledore knew, if she was put with the right family she could live a life full of laughter.

Picking up the sleeping Haylie, Dumbledore walked out of the eerie house to the awaiting Hagrid. Handing Haylie to Hagrid. Dumbledore Then aperated to privet drive where he was greeted by an anxious cat. "Good evening Minerva." Dumbledore said to the cat that had just transformed into a tall woman.

"Professor Dumbledore." She greeted "I do not believe these people will treat her right especially with the night mares that are sure to come with the memory."

Dumbledore nodded sadly "I was afraid of that. I will tell Hagrid to ride to the home of the Weasley's."

Professor McGonagall nodded and with that she aperated. Dumbledore aperated to the awaiting Hagrid and instructed him to transport Haylie to the Weasley's and handed the half giant a note explaining who Haylie was and why she would need a loving family like them.

Hagrid rode a giant motorcycle through the sky to the remote house of the Weasley's. When he arived there Molly and Aurthor Weasley were the only ones awake and rushed out to see who had arived. Hagrid handed Mr. Weasley the note and Mrs. Weasley Haylie and told them he must be off and to contact Dumbledore if the need arose.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley read over the note together that explained what little Haylie had been through. They noticed a burn mark on her blouse and lifted up the shirt to reveal a scar. The scar wasn't any particular shape  but it was right over her heart.

The Weasley's being the kind hearted people they were took Haylie in and raised her as their own. Haylie of coerce did not look like a Weasley but she was the same age as the twins so she called herself one of them and they did too. Haylie had straight dirty blond hair with little streaks of natural orange that were normally invisible unless she was in the right light. She had blue eyes that were as deep as an ocean and she had the most beautiful laugh for a little girl who had had such a terrible thing happen to her. Haylie grew up laughing and playing jokes with the twins but she did have flashbacks every once in a while. When she was younger she would just find Molly and crawl into her lap until the memory passed but as she got older she would just go find either Fred or George and hug them till it passed. They loved her in almost every way possible so they encouraged her to find them when a flashback happened so that she was not alone when it struck. Other than that Haylie grew up as the Weasley with a different last name surrounded by a ton of Brothers and two loving parents.

                                           *************8 YEARS LATER************

*Haylie's POV*

I woke up excited. Fred and George were still asleep in the bunk beds across from my bed so I got out of bed and tiptoed out of the room to go see if Ginny was up yet. When I wasn't with the twins I was with her. Ron was at the age we could play jokes on but Ginny was still so young and cute I wouldn't allow them to play any jokes on her. "Not till she goes to Hogwarts." I kept telling them which was funny considering we hadn't even been to Hogwarts yet. Ginny wasn't awake yet so I went downstairs to see if breakfast was cooking yet.

I waked into the kitchen where the aroma of food was just starting to fill the air. "Morning Mum" I said taking a seat at the table. They may not have been my real parents but they treated me like family so I called them family.

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