= Chapter 17 =

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"There is only one happiness in life –To love and to be loved."
-Jeremy Lockhart


Should I tell Gabriel?

I mean does he really need to know? Even if I did tell him about Jonah, he won't be able to help.

But in the first place, is that Jonah? Or was I just dreaming?

I've been spending my whole Saturday afternoon pondering over whether I should let Gabriel or even Dante know about that situation I was in. I was stalked by a ' dead ' person, who would possibly even believe me?

"Honey, there is a package for you! I'm just going out for a moment, don't worry about me. " My mum hollered from the kitchen.

"Mum you should be-" before I could prevent her from leaving, she left. It was quite unusual if you ask me.

Running down the flight of stairs, I found the package on the counter. The brown box looked normal, but normal always became the most unpredictable things.

Unwrapping the box, I found a small red note. Shivering slightly, a flashback of receiving the previous notes hit me. Taking a deep breath, I unfolded the paper.

"Want to know more? Go to the new art museum at 23 Linkin Avenue. Look at picture 288, if you're smart you'll figure out fast. 3W! "

My mind went blank. How did that person even find my address? And what does he or she want from me?

But one thing was sure, I wanted to know more and 3W! was my only hope. I stuffed the letter in my pocket before running off to get my bike.

Curving through the blocks of houses, I felt adrenaline rush through my veins. I had so many questions and I definitely was not in the right frame of mind too.

Only an insane person would follow the instructions of an anonymous person who most likely is a creepy stalker. Maybe I was just doing this because my past was at risk.

Leaning my bike against the pillar which stood right in front of the museum, I dashed pass the squirms of people to come upon a variety of paintings. My eyes scanned across the golden plates below each painting which stated it's number.

"286...287...YES 288!" A smile spread across my face but confusion was soon casted upon my features.

The painting seemed ordinary. In my eyes, it was just a splash of paint with an Eiffel Tower. Well you can't blame me, I never liked art.

 Well you can't blame me, I never liked art

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