Chapter 76

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A/N - Apologies for any mistakes in this chapter or the last, they're kinda rushed as I just wanted to get an update done! 

As the hours went by, Connie found herself able to relax a little more. Conversation seemed to stay away from everything that she had meant for tonight to be about but it seemed the only way to make it through the evening. 

Elliot had looked over at several points through out the evening, giving her a look which only she seemed to understand. His constant checking on her was something she was thankful for, and she knew that there would have been no hope for her making it through the evening without him there.

"So, how's work been?" Connie glanced across the table to Sam tilting her head to one side as she waited somewhat expectantly for his answer. "It's been busy, but I can hardly complain when I've got these two for bosses." Audrey feigned a smile as she continued eating once again, Sam looking to Connie who was dropping her gaze back down to the table too.

After another few moments passed, Audrey held her wine glass in her hand looking across to Connie. "So, Connie how do you find running a department?" She just about managed to hide her surprise at such an innocent question but she was waiting for the next insult to come from it. "It hasn't come without it's challenges but what does in life." "Of course. Do you plan on going any further?" 

Connie shrugged as she sat there, a few years ago she wouldn't have ever needed to think about the question. It would surely be inevitable that she continued working her way higher. "I'm already pretty well-known about the country in cardiotherasics... I suppose it depends on what comes my way." "So you'd consider leaving Holby?" She levelled her gaze moving her hands together on the table. "If what you're asking is actually would I consider leaving Sam behind for a job opportunity, then no I wouldn't. Sorry to disappoint you."

Her shape gaze was met by Audrey's, no kindness in her eyes as she looked towards the woman she seemed intent on tearing down anyway she could. "So, what was the urgency you seemed to have on inviting me for dinner." Connie looked to her astounded while Sam laughed lightly. "Really?" Audrey shrugged looking between them both as Connie pushed her tongue into her cheek rolling her eyes.

"Connie's over seven months pregnant, I thought that was quite obvious-" "Well it could be anybody's baby." Connie's mouth dropped open as she looked across the room to where Sam seemed to be stumbling. "Mum-" "Come on, you and I both know that she has always been playing people off of one another. How do you know this baby is even yours?" "How dare you."

Audrey looked across at Connie, the anger evident on her face as she ignored the way Elliot placed a hand to her arm. "You come here, after I asked you here in some feeble attempt to get along with you long enough to try and involve you in your grandchild's life and all you do is spend the entire evening commenting on me." "You've never exactly been a good example of a woman though have you?" 

Connie's eyes flickered across to Sam who sat speechless. "You're seriously going to sit there and let her say this? You know what, I know this baby is Sam's because we've had paternity tests done." "So you were never sure from the start?" Connie pushed her chair back from the table as she glared across at her seeing the smug look upon her face. "Maybe you should ask your son why that was, hmm? Or are you just happy branding me, blaming me-" "He can do better than you and if you hadn't have gotten pregnant he probably wouldn't be with you now."

The air was swiftly kicked from her lungs as she swallowed past the lump in her throat. "I'm going out." "Connie wait..." Sam got up from the table rushing towards her but she was already stood with the front door open. "Connie-" "Leave me alone, I need some space right now." Turning away she let the door shut firmly, the sound echoing through the house.

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