Build The World Again

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Kasey walked to school, still holding her daisy in her right hand. She stepped up to the school's front doors to met eyes with Jenna and Zane.... Kissing. Something in her heart broke knowing that Zane was faking their friendship just trying to gain trust for Jenna so they could tumble it down.

Kasey rushed into the school and into the girls' bathroom. She stopped at a sink and let a tear escape her eyes of prison. 

'I wish that Jenna could just get hit by a bus.' Kasey thought letting a few more tears slip. The daisy glowed. She had dreamed of Jenna getting hit but, that dream, that wish,  never came.

Until now.


Jenna and Zane were walking farther from the school, deciding to ditch (don't do that kids, it's really bad). Zane went to unlock his car when a yellow blur came honking in at the speed of light. Jenna could't process what was happening soon enough, as the yellow blur, a bus, hit her. Jenna laid cold on the floor, unconscious. Zane rushed over to her screaming out 'Help! Help! We need some help!' over and over again. In that time, Kasey had walked outside to see what happened and just stared.

Her dream had come true. Nothing else to it, but it came true. Kasey couldn't help but smile and stare at the daisy, lightly squeezing it as if giving it a small hug.


Kasey arrived home to a silent house. Her dad probably of to another business trip of his. She went to the kitchen to see a sloppy handwritten letter. 


clean the house and if its not clened when i ge hom your in trouble.'

It read. Kasey sighed and plopped her backpack on the floor, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. She wasn't in the mood to deal with this so she picked up her bag again and headed to her room.


Kasey got up from her bed, right away knowing it was a dream. She walked around her room for a second then leaving out. It was way different. When she pushed open her door, there was a long hallway with many different doors there. She opened one to see a memory, it was with her mom and dad and her going to the movies. She smiled, knowing that her mother cared for her as she hugged her when Nemo was by a shark (HGHKGJRLK I don't like this movie but it's for kids sooo xD).

She opened another door, her mom and dad and her were all baking a cake. Kasey sighed.

'I wish Dad was still like this after mom passed.' She thought looking through more doors


Kasey woke up to the sound of her alarm going off. She groaned, slamming her hand on it. She got out of bed and grabbed the clothes she had lying out. After changing, she went downstairs. She realized she didn't do the chores her dad wanted her to. She cringed at the thought of being beaten up in the morning. She continued walking disregard her thoughts of staying in bed. When she finally got downstairs, she saw breakfast already made. There was a note by it so Kasey picked it up and read it.

'Have an amazing day at school, honey! Sorry i have to work today again but i'll see you when you get home.

xoxo ~Dad'

"What the hell is happening?"

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