Get Along Buddies

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Ooooooh boys!

G- what?

We have a dare! From EmelyNVincentDaguno you all have to wear a get along shirt for the whole day

H- I mean me and George can get along but Melvin no.

Don't you be mean to my smol bean! >:(

H-sorry. But he's mean to us

True. Just put the shirts on!

M- fine!

*they all put the shirts on*

M- we look stu-

Get. Along. Melvin!

M- Stu.....pendous! Yeah....stupendous

G- I think we look terr-


G- TERRIFIC y-yeah

H-....this is d-

Harold I will shave your head bald if I have to say the word nice one more time

H- D-dazzling this is dazzling

M- let's all go to Olive Garden


*they all go to olive garden*

*I stuff my face with bread sticks as the boys watch*

What? You still have to be nice..and yes to me too

G,H&M- fiiiine

M- you look amazing with your face covered in bread stick crumbs

H- yes very Dashing

G- absolutely great!

I hate all of you.

M- ah ah ah! Nice A.C

Melvin....y'know what I left my wallet at home so why don't you all be a dear and pay for this meal


Be nice

Boys- of course m'lady

G- this will cost all of my allowance

M&H- mine too

*after paying*

Well time to drive you guys home I'll pick you up next time

Just remember when I'm dropping you off you better not be mean to each other you still have the shirts

Boys- fine...

Welp here's your stop see ya later!

Boys- Bye!

Word Count- 285

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