Soz that I hadn't written anything. I had to dash but I'm putting it in now. I wrote most of it in an hour no editing.

It's a work in progress.

Oh yeah and it's set in my, oh so wonderful home country AUSTRALIA!!!! Wooo! Just so no one’s confused.

For pictures go to my blog! I can't get em online.  

The first time Taylor met Zoey he was in the Westfield’s girl’s bathroom. It wasn't really his fault he was there but Taylor had needed a place to hide and the female bathroom was the only place he could think of. Of course it didn't help that he was hiding from his mother. However he thought it unlikely that she would come in here looking for him. He'd presumed the bathroom to be empty but he hadn't checked the last cubicle and froze when he heard the flush. A girl about 14, his age, with golden brown hair and a Paul Frank t-shirt came out and started toward the basin. She hadn't noticed Taylor until she turned around to dry her hands on a paper towel and she'd jumped about half a metre off the ground. She'd narrowed her eyes in suspicion but clearly decided he wasn't in here as a peeping Tom, he obviously was as surprised to see her as she was to see him. He'd thought the bathroom was empty.

She started laughing. While she was occupied with her laughter Taylor took the time to look her over properly. Her golden brown hair was wavy and down to her just above her shoulders. She'd clipped it to the side with an intricate flower clip. She was wearing a purple Paul Frank t-shirt with "whatever" written across the front in red. Khaki shorts and a red cardie completed the outfit along with flower print ballet flats with straps across. A white bag slung across her shoulder patterned with skulls that had stars for eyes. It slipped from her shoulder as she laughed and hit the ground with a loud thud. Tyler stared wondering what could be in the bag. The girl caught him staring.


Tyler had been caught. "Books?" he nodded at her bag. 

"What’s it to you? What's your name?" 

"Tyler," he stuck out his hand. 

"Zoey, with a y." 

She didn't take the hand. "Yeah they're books. Not necessarily ones to read but they're books. What are you doing in here?" 

"My mum. She likes to clothes shop and drags me along for my opinion. When I get snarky cos I'm bored I lose TV privileges." 

At this Zoey started to laugh again. I was starting to wonder why no one had come in to the bathroom. Surely if not to take a leak, to investigate Zoey's laughing. Zoey saw him glancing nervously at the door. 

"A closed for cleaning sign just happened to make its way to the entrance of the ladies bathroom while the cleaner wasn't looking," 

"What's the joke?" 

"Excuse me?" 

"Just now. What was so funny?" 

"Oh," she snickered, "TV privileges. In our house it's all my parents can do to keep my nose out of any kind of book whether it be a note book, sketch pad or novel," 

As Taylor took this in he realised he'd seen the girl before. Shoes and Sox. His sister had needed shoes and he'd seen her there. She'd been drawing or writing, something like that. Taylor had kept watching her, stalker like, as she went around Westfield, his excuse being he was looking for school shoes. It was hard work as the Bondi Junction centre had 5 or 6 levels but he'd browsed and kept an eye on where she went. He knew it was kind of creepy but he was intrigued by her. Taylor lost sight of her when she went into 'Riot' art and craft store and his mum had texted wondering where he was. She needed him in David Jones, she was buying work clothes. Taylor told her he'd meet her at the food court in 5 and made his way upstairs.