Chapter 75

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Connie wandered downstairs as Sam continued to check on dinner that she had started cooking before disappearing for a shower. As he shut the oven door once more, Connie's arms moved around him from behind as she rest her head to his back. His hands encased hers as he smile glancing over his shoulder.

"Everything okay?" "Mhm... Why wouldn't it be?" Sam arched a brow as he turned around to face her, her eyes meeting his with the small smile she'd been wearing all night. "Because you invited my mother over to our house, the same woman you made it quite obvious to that you disliked her last time you spoke." "I'm fine."

She slipped free from his grasp as he continued to watch her move across the kitchen taking out three glasses. "Connie." His tone of voice was one she knew all too well but she wasn't in the mood to dive into all the details of how she felt right now. "Sam can you just keep and eye on the food please. I'm going to sort the table out."

He watched her disappear from the room, her heels echoing as she stepped out into the dining room that she had barely ever used. Once in there out of sight, she let her hands rest to the table, her head dropping as she released a heavy breath. Lifting it back up again, she glanced about the room knowing that almost anything would be more pleasurable than sitting down to dinner with Audrey.

The last time they had spoken there had been no doubt in either of their minds on how they felt about one another. Audrey never tried to hide her disapproval of Connie, despite the fact that she meant nothing to Sam at that point in time. Now they were together, she imagined the reaction to everything tonight to be even better. Pushing away her thoughts, she resumed setting the table before hearing the music coming from the kitchen.

Wandering out of the dining room, she remained leaning to the wall as she watched Sam sing along with the radio. A smile pushed at her lips as she saw how happy he seemed. Sorting through various things on the counter he continued unaware of the eyes that rest on him. Although she was sure the evening would be an interesting one, it made it a little easier to know that despite it all she'd still have this left at the end of the night.

"Maybe you should consider a new career?" "What and leave you all alone in the department? Nah, I think I'll keep you company." Sam winked as Connie rolled her eyes moving back into the kitchen once more. He watched as she began to take a bottle of wine from the fridge placing it on the side. "Remind me why I invited her at the one time I can't drink." 

Sam looked to her as she continued pulling things out of draws. "You know no matter what happens tonight, whatever she says... It isn't going to change how I feel about you." "Sam this is your Mother, you've always done everything you can to make her proud of you... What if she doesn't like this." He stopped everything he was doing to move closer, taking her hands away from what she was doing to hold onto them.

"You, make me happy. If she can't see that, then that's her problem not ours." She focused on their hands before sighing lifting her gaze to his. "But-" "But nothing. Give her one of those glares and Beauchamp speeches you seem to give me all the time." She levelled her eyes at him as he nodded dropping her hands. "One of those yeah..." She pressed her hands to his chest pushing him back before he came closer kissing her quickly.

The knock at the door tore them apart as Connie checked the time. "That'll be Elliot, I asked him to come earlier." Sam laughed as she wandered towards the door to let him in, surprised when she found them both standing before her. "Audrey... It's good to see you." "Nice to see you too Connie." Standing out of their way she let them pass her pointing towards the end of the hall where Sam was in the kitchen.

"Sam's down... that way." She dropped her hand seeing Audrey already disappeared before hearing her voice as she spoke to Sam. Turning quickly back she glared at Elliot as she shut the door. "You could have warned me she was here too." "I didn't get the chance to." Connie lifted her hands to her head pushing her back from her face as she walked back down the hall.

As Connie stopped the other side of the counter, Elliot joined them accepting the glass Connie passed him. "Drink for me too please, I feel I could have needed it tonight." She spoke quietly over her shoulder as Elliot hid his smirk feeling Audrey's eyes turn to them. "Why didn't we do this at you house darling? I mean it is a bit of a nicer area, no offence." "Oh none taken, but this is your son's area now. So should probably get used to it."

Connie visibly forced the smirk which she knew would only work to push Audrey's buttons. Sam looked between the two women before his mother looked to him. "Sam?" "I moved in, we figured it was about time." "What a few months in? We all know what her track record is like-" "Excuse me?" Connie's eyes widened before she felt Elliot's warm hand move to her arm, an act of love and protection over her.

Audrey shook her head with a small smile stopping anything else from being said. "Lets enjoy dinner. You always could cook." He smiled briefly as Connie pushed her tongue into her cheek glancing across at the pair. Elliot sensed her annoyance as Sam's attention was fully on his mother. "Come and get some air." Nodding slightly she followed him towards the small balcony, stepping out with him as he shut the door behind them.

Without a word, Connie turned to Elliot as he held out his arms. Holding onto her gently she released a heavy breath resting her head to his shoulder. "Don't let her anger you-" "Believe me if it were ever that easy I'd have her round every weekend." Elliot ran a hand up and down her back before she stood straight. They remained outside for a few more minutes before Sam opened the door to see them standing outside talking.

"I wandered where you'd got to-" "Oh you've managed to tear your focus from your mother for more than five seconds?" He smirked sarcastically as Elliot watched Connie with a comforting hand to her back. "Dinners ready-" "The one you cooked, yeah? Because you're so good at cooking..." Elliot struggled to hide the smile as Connie moved away from him and past Sam. "Connie-" "I'm fine, let's just get this over with before I regret planning tonight anymore than I already do."

He caught her hand leaving Elliot to move inside while they lingered beside the doors. Connie looked away from him until his hand rest to her cheek pulling her focus back to him. "Give her a chance, it'll be okay." "I don't think it's me you need to be saying that to Sam." "Hey- Trust me okay?" Taking a moment, she released another sigh before nodding. Stepping closer he placed a gentle kiss to her lips before they headed inside for what was certain to be an eventful evening.

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