How the Gods kill

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The blood pours into the bucket and out of your body as your life essence drains mine shall grow. You are weak and I am strong. You are mortal and I am the beast.

Today I'm walking to the office and people watching. I'm going to be late but they can try to fire me. I will kill every single person in that building with my bare hands.

Steven Walkens is a loving family man with a wife and two very sweet daughters that love him more than anything in the world. Stevens neighbors absolutely adore him and his coworkers believe he is the most hard-working and honest employee at the firm.

Steven Walkens walks down to the corner of 52nd and Victoria every night to see if his favorite fourteen year old prostitute who reminds him of his eldest daughter is working and tonight he's going to die.

Steven walks down the alley behind the Happy Frosting doughnut factory where the young girl is standing and I stealthily follow to not be seen by either of them. As I approach them I slowly draw my favorite six inch blade nobody. I stab Steven from behind in the kidney quickly.

I stab Emily Green a fourteen-year-old prostitute in her liver before she has a chance to scream. She will be missed by noone.  Emily falls to her knees and stares up at me from beside Steven, screaming while trying to gasp for air.

"Wh..wh...wh.." Emily mumbles as Steven gasps for air.

"Because you are a worthless piece of shit and nothing but a disgrace to the entire human race and you do nothing but fuel the fantasies of disgusting pigs and pedophiles. You would grow up to sell your own children as you are being sold and most importantly BECAUSE I FUCKING WANTED TOO!" I reach down and stab her over and over again in the skull until the top of her head resembles mush and I taste a small piece of her brain off of my blade. Delicious..

"I may let you live and think about what you've done, Steven.. "

I flip Steven Walkens over and kiss his cheek while unzipping his pants.

"That's a really nice cock, Steven!" i don't think you're going to need it anymore though. I take my blade and filet off his penis and shove it in his mouth all while forcing him to chew and swallow.

"Steven you get to live! Steven! Steven be excited you dickless bastard! You get to live! Hahahaha" I laugh in Stevens face and continue down the alley on my way to work.

"HAHAHAHA Dickless bastard!" I laugh and giggle all the way to work. I can't stop fucking laughing. He ate his own dick. I wonder if he survived? He was stabbed in the kidney after all. I hope so. I hope he lives a nice life. I hope he lives a nice, dickless life.

When I get to my desk I'm only twenty-five minutes late and Clair already has the statistics report ready for me.

Clair is wearing an almost see through white blouse with a black bra under it and a long, black skirt. I'm not sure where she purchased it but I'm going to guess she acquired her attire at sears.

"Carter called about the Williams 1984 account, Michael, it's a go ahead!" Clair tells me as I sit down at my desk and admire her tits while flipping my rubiks cube.

"Hahaha Clair, imagine if you went on a date with a man and when you got into bed he had to tell you he had no.. Hahahaha.. No dick? Imagine he had no dick! Can you? What would you do?" I ask Clair while trying to keep a straight face.

"I guess I would ask him what happened and try to be understanding if he was a nice guy, Michael." Clair says with a completely straight face. I don't think she gets it. He has no dick. I want to bash her stupid head off of his desk until she looks like she has a dick.

I should have killed Steven Walkens. I've made a horrible mistake by letting him live and now I will forever have to live with that on my conscious. He probably gets to live a more than perfect life now. I should have sent him to the afterlife with Emily Green so they could live happily ever after together. Just kidding. There is no afterlife.

"Michael, Carter on line one!" Clair says while putting her phone on hold.

"Michael, John, calling to make sure you're aware we have three days to have the Williams account in the machine. By Friday, they tell me, sport. We'll be working long nights the next few days, ol' colleague of mine." Carter chuckles as if he deserves to live.

"Carter they're just telling us now? I'm not working fourteen hour nights at this office. I'll work on some at home. I can't be out that late."

"Out that late? You work all through the night."

"Yup, well listen, someone is here. Ah, I have to let you go Carter. Talk soon."

Mandy walks into my office and walks right by Clair without saying a word as she approaches my desk."

"Did you hear the Williams account got approved, Michael?"

"Will you right here, right now blow me under my desk?"

"Does that mean no?" Mandy asks.

"No, does that mean no?"

"Yes. I'm sorry but I'm not letting Clair hear my blowjob noises. Sorry, Michael." I pat her on the bum and wink at her as she goes to sit on my lap for a moment before kissing me on the cheek and getting up to go back to her floor.

Once Mandy leaves I stair at Clairs cleavage again. She does have wonderful tits. Those tits got her hired.

"Sweetheart?" I ask cutely.

"Yes, Mr. Matthews?" She asks in a formal tone.

"Will you suck my dick?" I ask her as I wink and turn my head slightly to the side.

"Yes, Mr. Matthews."

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