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Some writers are brilliant multi-taskers, capable of balancing multiple story lines and subplots in their head. And then there are the writers who write near-publishing ready first drafts. Sadly (for me), I don't fall into either category.

"Tristan" is meant to be Plot B in the sequel to Paladin, while "Uriel" is Plot A. I'm writing them separately on Wattpad because, frankly, I'm not clever enough to do otherwise. The idea is that the events in this book will eventually sync up with those in Uriel. Once I've finished the first drafts of both, I'll smash 'em both together into one cohesive story.

So, to be clear, this is the same story as Uriel. I'm not starting a new one. The pacing (in both subplots) is just going to be off until I mesh them together. The end product, I hope, will feel seamless and much more interesting. But that's a long ways away from now, so bear with me!

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