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Sitting on the porch, I tried to summon a knife, something to toss. The air flickered in the shape of a knife, then disappeared. I let out a sigh, then tried again, focusing. The knife barely appeared barely, then nothing. I curled my hand up into a fist and slammed the  porch boards. Only two- no three days, and my powers were already going off the fritz. I heard Mark walk out from the house, but I said nothing. Instead, I focused on the many ways that I could kill Wilford, or mortally hurt him.


I ignored him.


I look at the ground.

"Dark. Look at me."

I whipped my head around and growled at him. Surprised, Mark took a step back, being his hands up to protect him. I stare at him for a second more, then turn back to whatever the hell I was doing. Which apparently meant digging into the ground, as a small hole was in the dirt.

"Dark...Google thinks he got a pin on her location using her phone..."

I looked back at him. "Google thinks? He better be sure!"

Mark stared at me, then dropped this bomb: "The location for her phone.....its saying Florence, Italy."

I growled. Of course, that striped candy cane asshole would have a place far away, in some rich city.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go to Italy and kick some pink ass!"

~Your POV~
I finished the book, Walk Two Moons, and sighed. Wilford tried to make me feel comfortable, but it just wasn't working. The really awkward times would be when he would just want to talk, about trivial things, and I wouldn't really respond. Why has no one come to get me yet? I thought to myself. Even though the place had no windows, I had a clock to tell me when it was night or day.  A knock on the door snapped me out of my haze.

Even though he could easily open the door, he knocks, as if I'm not gonna a be there. I sigh and cross my arms, muttering "Come in.."
He opened the door, wearing a pin-stripe coat overtop of what he wears. I raised an eyebrow. "What's with the fancy clothes?"

"Well, madam-" He started.

"(Y/N), you mean?" I interrupt, not caring,

Slightly flustered, he corrected himself. "Well, (Y/N), I was thinking that since you have been so good, " he walked over and grabbed my hand, kissing it slightly, "I would let you out for a real dinner, instead of the ramen noodles"

I looked at him, then pulled my hand away. "Sorry, I have big plans later. Mostly including reading and eating food."

I saw him pout slightly, and sat down next to me on the bed. "Let me take you out for dinner, please?" There was a slight begging tone in his voice, and I realized that he actually DID want me to come out. I smirked, this could be used to my advantage.

"I mean, I guess so...I can hold my plans for another day..."

His head went up and looked at me.

"But! You must allow me to go to more places than this room, ergo, you take off the ankle bracelet." I lifted my leg to show exactly what I meant.

"How about....I let you roam through the mansion?" He suggested, face looking hopeful. I felt a twinge of guilt, seeing his face, but I shook it away.

"Alright then, it's a date."

~Look at that, I'm alive. Well, you are now going to be on a "date" with Wilford. Is it gonna be worth it? Maybe so. But also, more worrying, is that Dark's losing his power, or losing control of it....that isn't good. Like comment, follow, vote, all if ya want. Bye y'all!~

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