Chapter 1

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Lisa's pov ~

I realised too late that I had forgotten my phone back at the dorms. Staying up late was not a good idea. Rushing through my morning routine on such an important day was bad enough.

When I found out I had been chosen as the dancer from BlackPink for the opening of SBS Gayo Daejun I was simultaneously nervous and over the moon. This was a huge opportunity for me to prove myself and establish a good reputation of BlackPink for my unnies. We were only rookies after all. Dancing was my passion and I knew I could blow everyone's minds.

But so far this day was not going well for me.

I rushed through the SBS building's entrance and reception, hurriedly showing my ID to the guards. I didn't want to be late.

I took the elevator up. Luckily no one got in except for me as I tried to fix my haphazard appearance in the mirrors.

I noticed the ancient looking buttons and floor indicator. The elevator seemed to be moving at a snails pace. It seriously needed an upgrade.

The doors opened at floor 9. The interior of the building was old and new at the same time. I liked the feeling of walking down the same hallways many of my sunbaenims had walked as well. And now I was about to collaborate with some of them.

My nervousness was through the roof.

I stepped through room 909 and immediately noticed the many idols chosen for the opening set as well. Luckily not all of them seemed to be present yet.

Phew... I wasn't the last one.

Unconsciously, my eyes gravitated towards a person in the corner. Dressed in an all black outfit, the figure exuded confidence and strength. Jimin sunbaenim....

I would never admit this out loud but I was a fan of his dancing, along with his hyung j-hope's. The maknae of BTS was also just as good but for some reason I always found myself focusing on Jimin during award shows.

Be cool. Be cool. Be cool.

"Hey, Lisa!"

Momo appeared in front of me. We were good friends with all of Twice.

"Ready to charm everyone with those moves?"

I laughed "As ready as you are."

" The choreographer is sooo hot, you won't believe your eyes.", Momo whispered.

I was kind of surprised she still noticed such things, seeing as encountering hot guys in this industry was an everyday occurrence. But of course we could only look and do nothing else. The same went for male idols.

I wasn't particularly bothered by the dating restrictions idols had to follow. Though I had never had a boyfriend, I wasn't really eager to be in a relationship. It sounded like too much hassle and no real benefit. I'd rather focus on my career.

The instructor clapped his hands, calling us to attention.

"So there are going to be many parts to this opening. And each set would have only some idols in it. In the last set all of you would be dancing together. "

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