Chapter 30

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Ayesha's POV

The next day...

I wake up by the ringing of the phone. I groan and stretch my hand to reach my phone.

"Hello," I hear Ayyan's voice. "What the hell Ayesha? You are still sleeping? I’m waiting outside!" He adds.

"Oh shoot! I slept in. Coming down in 5," I hang up and run towards the washroom. After getting dressed, I pick my bag and head down.

"I'm leaving!" I yell and run out.

"Be safe and good luck," I hear mom yell back and I smile.

I sit inside the car and he starts driving.

"Soo...Do I get to know what the surprise is today?" I ask in curiosity.

"Yep, after the exam," He grins.

At the café

"So the exam went well," I say, as we sit down on the chairs.

"Yes! First one that I feel I can pass in," Anaya says and Ayyan nods his head in agreement.

"So for the surprise, Anaya will take you with her since it’s just a walk away from here," He informs, smiling mischievously

What have they planned?

"And...Where are you going to go?" I question, suspiciously.

"I'm going to get the surprise ready," He winks and I slowly nod.

I and Anaya walk out as she leads me towards the surprise. We enter the park and she stops me.

"You will have to cover your eyes," She whispers with a sly smile.

I seriously am having second thoughts about this.

"Why?" I frown.

"Because it’s a surprise. Now hurry, cover your eyes," I do as she says. She guides me with her hands on my shoulder. She removes her hand and I immediately stop.

I open my eyes to see the person that I've been craving to meet.


He still has his eyes closed.

"Ahmed?" I call and he opens his eyes, surprised to see me.

"Ayesha...I-I am sorry. I'm so sorry I left like this, without telling you, but I had to do it. I had to do it for the betterment of us. I know that I love you and I want you to be in my life. She...she just left me and now she doesn't have a place in my heart. It’s just you Ayesha. Just you," He confesses as soon as he opens his eyes.

I feel tears rolling down my cheek. Tears of joy.

I never thought he would come back. I never expected him to. I didn't know he felt the same way.

"So why did you leave?" I ask, confused, wiping my tears.

He signals me to sit on the bench and I do. He then tells me everything. Everything that is in his heart. Everything that he did. Every single detail.

"I knew I couldn't betray you like that," He says and I smile, thinking how lucky I am. I've never felt so loved and special ever before.

Now I know what I have learned, if someone you love is good for you will come back to you. If not, just know that what happened was planned by Allah. What happened was the best for you. Because there is always a reason behind everything. You will find your true love one day.

I'm glad I found mine.

Ahmed's POV

I stay up the whole night, thinking how I will face her. How I will tell or explain anything to her.

After hours of thinking, I check the time.

It’s time for Ayesha's university. Should I go pick her up? No, I should listen to what Ayyan said.


"Mama, I like Ayesha and...She does too..." I trail off.

"Oh my Allah, the day has finally come. I was waiting for you to find a girl for yourself. You can't just be stuck in the past. You need a new life," Mama says, her eyes glowing.

She hugs me and I hug her back.

And I'm glad this part worked out well. After having the conversation with Mama, I call Ayyan.

"Assalamu Alaikum brother. I'm back in Karachi," I greet.

"Walaikum Assalam. Thats good," He replies, being formal and I start to feel awkward.

"Soo...I have to tell you something. Is Anaya with you right now?" I ask.

"Yeah, why?" He questions.

"I want to tell this to you both," I say.

He puts his phone on speaker and I tell them everything. About why I left. About my wife and daughter.

"Woahhh, didn't see that coming. Okay, so tomorrow. Don't pick her up, I will. Leave the rest on me. I'll tell you what to do," He says, I agree and then hang up the phone.

End of flash back

Few hours later...

"Where are you taking me bro," I ask, confused.

Ayyan called me near the bakery and now he says there’s some sort of surprise.

"Shh, just keep walking. Now close your eyes," He orders and I frown. But instead of arguing I do as he says. He guides me in and I stand with my eyes closed.

"Ahmed?" I hear a soft voice and I open my eyes.

Ayesha was standing in front of me… The girl I hurt. I can finally explain to her, and tell her, that I only love her.

I then decide to tell her everything in my heart. I pour my heart out.

We then sit at the bench, with her head on my shoulder.

I know that I've made the right decision. She really is my true love.
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