Chapter 4

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The young couple walked hand in hand down the hallway heading to their lockers which were coincidentally right next to each other. Stiles was chewing his gum, annoying Scott so he chewed louder.

"Are you going to be okay?" Scott asked getting his books out his locker.

"Yes Scott for the five millionth time. I will be fine," Stiles said in a slight annoyed tone.

"Okay, Okay. Sorry for worrying," he said in slightly hurt tone.

"I know. I love when you worry. Its cute," Stiles pinched Scott's cheek making him smile like a puppy. The bell ring and they groaned in annoyance because they had to go to separate classes. Scott stood Stiles against the locker smashing their lips together, Scott instantly shoving his tongue past Stiles' lips.

"See you later. bye," Scott said then walked away.

"Did you take my gum?!" Stiles shouted after him. Scott turned around and blew a gum bubble in response as a yes. Stiles huffed then walk off to class. That was his last piece of gum. So Stiles has been glum because Scott stole his last piece of gum right out of his mouth. Literally.

The next time they saw each other was fourth period gym. Scott met Stiles in the hallway as the walked down to the locker room.. Scott was still chewing the gum.

"You still have my gum?" Stiles whined. Scott nodded with his usual puppy face. "Well, give it back," he said pulling Scott to him. Scott kept his lips pressed in a thin line so Stiles couldn't enter. Stiles huffed childishly and flicked Scott's forehead.

"No, I like this flavor. It taste strawberry mixed with Stiles," he joked. "my two favorite flavors," he whispered in Stiles' ear then walked in the locker rooms leaving the boy jaw dropped and wide eyed. Stiles smirked then walked in after him. After the gym class left the locker room Stiles and Scott stayed behind.

"I don't think you should be participating in anything today. Your adrenaline might run to high and you'll fox out or something. I'm scared. You may think it will all be okay and you won't but still it could happen," Scott rambled as he paced the floor.

"Scott you're over thinking this. I doubt anything bad will happen,"

"I should break your bone so you can't participate," Scott said reaching for Stiles' leg. Stiles flinched away quickly from his crazy boyfriend.

"What? Scott no! First I'm not letting you break one of my bones. Second It won't work, my bone will heal," Scott huffed in defeat and plopped on the bench.

Meanwhile, Malia, Kira, Allison, and Lydia were walking down the hall way talking about usual things like The Vampire Diaries And how hot Kai is. Not the point! Malia stopped in her tracks because she sensed something off. She let a deep growl escape her throat as she smelled another were- animal in the school.

"Malia what's wrong?" Kira her girlfriend asked her.

"Somethings not right. There's something else in the territory," She said turning around and walking to were the scent lead to. The boys locker room. Her speed quickened and she let her eyes glow, and fangs and claws grow from her features.

"Malia, wait!" The three called after her. Malia didn't pay attention to anything around her only focusing on the other animal in another's territory. Malia burst into the locker rooms and went for an attack on Stiles. Stiles tripped her feet, watching her fall on her face. She tried to stand but Stiles already had his hand around her neck pushed up against the wall. His anger increased causing fire to radiate off his body burning Malia. She screamed out in pain as the heat touched her skin.

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