|Cody Carson| "I'm Going To Protect You."

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"Y/N Come here now

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"Y/N Come here now." The familiar voice echoed through the house.

You cowered in fear in the wardrobe in the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend, Damien. You folded your arms around your knees which brought themselves into your chest. Tears fell from your cheeks onto the wood panel at the bottom of the wardrobe; you heard his footsteps enter the room, bringing your mind into fear again. A sick feeling erupted from your stomach making you feel wheezy and dizzy. You covered your mouth with your hand, making sure a single breath didn't escape. You watched through the slit of light which showed a small part of the room, you saw his feet and edged back into the wardrobe again.

"Agh little bitch escaped again..." He scowled, placing a hand on his chin before storming out the room slamming the door. You emerged from the closet and slowly tiptoed towards the door. You heard the car start and instantly sighed in relief. You ran through the house, looking around to grab your black leather jacket, throwing it over your arms and shoulders, hiding the numerous bruises and marks Damien had left. Your heart raced and pounded in your ears painfully as you lifted open the window and quickly climbed out of it. You ran towards Cody's house. Cody was the only one who ever understood. In a way that he didn't know you were in an abusive relationship, although he had suspicions. He would never share those with you. The sun beamed down on you, a burning sensation through your jacket as the heat grazed the cuts and bruises. A wince escaped from your mouth.

Your hand reached for the door, knocking on it four times. You placed your hands in your jacket and waited for the door to open. Cody opened it, wearing a pair of gray shorts and a white shirt. A smile crept on your face as he invited you inside.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well Damien's gone out, thought I'd spend some time, not alone in that God damn house."

You followed Cody into his living room, sitting down on the couch.

"C'mere I'll take your jacket."

Your hands suddenly clung onto the coat. "Nah it's fine, I'm a little chilly anyway, think I'm coming down with a cold." You smiled.

He nodded, before walking into the kitchen. You sighed quietly and took your phone from your jacket, scrolling through the various text messages from Damien. A yawn escaped from your lungs as Cody walked back in.


"Hell yeah, stayed up watching a shit ton of horror films last night."

Cody smiled and sat next to you.

"So how are things with you and Damien?"

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