Chapter 3

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"You know Scott, Stiles has been having really bad nightmares. Just making me stronger," The nogitsune circled around Scott who was on his hands and knees gasping for air, as a sword has been lodged in his chest. Through every struggling breath, Scott coughed up blood bringing him closer and closer to death.

"One of those nightmares, being me killing you.I I guess dreams really do come true. Well in this case nightmares. But that nightmare of me killing you, really sent him to his peak, giving the most strength I've ever had. So much for a weak ol' human, right?" he teased.

"P-please... S-stop... don-'t do t-this," Scott was able to get out coughing up more and more blood between each word.

"Oh Scotty. You should know that I never stop. And I just get stronger as your precious Stiles sits in pain as he watches me kill you and he can't do anything about it. When Stiles doesn't have nightmares which is like almost never, he dreams of you. Yeah, he dreams of marrying you, maybe having kids. It's really disgusting to me, so I usually turn it into a nightmare. Makes it more fun," Scott's eyes widen and tear up at what little he had heard. He lay flat on the floor his breath become shallower by the second. The nogitsune gripped the sword tightly in his hands twisting it up further into Scott's chest watching him take him last breath before his body went limp on the cold concrete ground.

Stiles stirred tirelessly in his sleep, beads of sweat on his forehead. He muttered and whimpered incoherent word, as his face contorted in fright and sadness. Heart racing way too fast to count the beats. He stirred awake for he felt agonizing pain in his mouth and fingers. He shot up screaming with wide eyes looking around the room. Everything was so bright to him, where ever he looked it was bright and vivid, hurting his eyes. The only area he found that wasn't bright was a dark corner in the room. He rushed to that corner, crashing into the wall breathing heavily.

"Stiles! Stiles, whats wrong? What happened," Scott said frantically rushing to his side. As Scott spoke it all sounded like super loud shouts to Stiles. He heard everything everywhere, from Melissa sleeping in her bedroom, to all noises in the neighborhood.

"Shut up! S-shut up! Stop shouting at me!" he cried pressing his hands to his ears.

"Stiles, I'm not shouting. Baby, look at me. Please?" Scott said crouching down to his level.

"No n-no. It hurts. Everything hurts. Someone turn it off!" he whimpered out.

"Stiles what hurts,"

My eyes, my teeth, my hands. Everything just hurts," he said through quiet sobs.

"Please look at me," Scott pleaded again. Stiles lifted his head to look back at Scott. his surroundings weren't as bright as they were before, but its still vivid. Scott nearly fell back at the sight of Stiles. He had bright fiery orange eyes and razor sharp fangs. Scott stood up and backed away, and heart raced.

"What? Scott what's happening to me? What's that sound? Why is it to loud," he cried out.

"What do you hear?"

"I-i dont know, its like a really fast beating. Make it stop!"

"Stiles... you're hearing my heartbeat," Stiles looked up at him with wide eyes and terrified face. "Stiles... you have claws, and fangs and your eyes are orange," Scott spoke slowly like he couldn't even believe it himself. Scott walked slowly back to Stiles reaching out to grab his clawed hand. Stiles jerked back sinking further into the corner. 

"Don't touch me! I don't want to hurt you," he spoke in a hurt tone. It pained Scott to see his boyfriend in pain like this. 

"It's okay. your not going to hurt me. I know that," he assured Stiles softly reaching out to him again. Stiles let him take his clawed hand and pull him to his feet.

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