I've been cast upon this world.

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Vanessa is drunk and horny. I hope to God I don't have to put my penis inside the filthy slut as she flirtatiously wiggles her bottom in front of me when suddenly Cali comes through the door.

"Happy Halloween!" she yells at the top of her lungs and it appears to me that she's also quite intoxicated.

"Honey! We went as the same thing." Vanessa says while slurring her words and holding onto her mixed drink.

"Oh, I'm sorry nessa! I'll take mine off!" she removes her ears and in a flash takes off her easily removed top to reveal her young, perky breasts.

"Stop! Honey, oh, I'm so jealous of you." Vanessa says as she takes a sip of her drink and stares down at Cali's tight, firm body.

"You stop! You're perfect!.. Michael, tell her she's perfect!" Cali instructs me.

"You're both perfect."

"Thank you!" They yell simultaneously as Vanessa removes her top as well all the while managing to keep her costume ears on.

"See, they sag! I hate it." Vanessa says while continuing to stare at Cali.

Cali gently reaches to Vanessa and places her full breasts in the palm of her hands. Vanessa is a double-D and when I remotely liked her I referred to them as my D's. I didn't realize how saggy they were until now as Cali held them up. Vanessa reaches across and puts Cali's C-cup chest in her hands and embrace each other in the kitchen

"I killed several people today. I killed some young girl today." I say from down the hall in the television room just loud enough for the two girls to barely hear.

"Hahaha What was that, Michael?" Vanessa asks.

I said "Get a room you two!"

The two girls still staring each other in the eyes and holding each others breasts lean in and kiss with a gentle peck and then begin to giggle.

"My room or yours?" Cali asks Vanessa more seriously than I expected her to.

"Your room! Michael needs somewhere to sleep tonight." Vanessa says before another giggle fit "Oh, Cali ... I don't know. I'm not a lesbian. I'm not gay."

"Michael can come if he wants too." Cali says with a wink in my direction.

"Oh my God! No he can't. He's your cousin, Cali!"

"Fine, my room." Cali instructs.

The two girls drunkenly go up the stairs to Calis room and I follow minutes later.  In the washroom next to Cali's bedroom I have a fashioned a peephole I often feel too creepy about using to actually use but this a special occasion.

I lift the mirror and watch as the two girls remove their panties. Vanessa is sitting on the bed with her legs over and pussy on the edge and Cali on her knees before her; gently kissing up her thighs. Cali's head is blocking the view of Vanessas pussy but I have the most wonderful view of little cousin Cali and her round, apple bottom bum.

Vanessa moans wildly as Cali burrys her face inside of her moist vagina; licking gently at her clit.

After only a few moments Vanessa begins to scream in pleasure.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming! Oh my.. Don't stop. Cali... Cali... Awe!" Vanessa lays flat back as Cali finishes by kissing her inner thighs goodbye.

"Mm you taste so good. My turn?" Cali asks.

"I can't,I'm sorry! I'm not a lesbian, Cali!"

"Fine. Roll over on your tummy."

Vanessa does as she's told and is now bent over the bed. Cali gently spanks vanessas hard little bottom and then puts both hands on her cheeks to get a better view of her pussy and asshole.

Cali slides a hand down her body to her pussy before putting her face in Vanessas ass. She licks around her asshole while occasionally slowly and gently pushing the tip of her tongue into Vanessa.

Vanessa continues to moan "Yes, eat my ass! This feels as good as every man ever told me it would!"

Cali is reaching down between her legs and rubbing her vagina; stopping only sometimes to push her fingers into her tight little hole when suddenly she squirts her juices all over the floor.

Cali gushes with fluid so long I think she may be pissing as she continues to lick Vanessa. She stops rubbing herself and stands up while playfully patting Vanessa on the ass as if to say it was a job well done. My erection is throbbing with excitement.

I lower the mirror covering the peephole and casually walk out of the washroom as Vanessa exits Cali's room.

"Oh hi? Michael. I had lesbian sex with... Cali. Not you. I can't have lesbian sex with you."  Vanessa laughs and clearly hasn't sobered up at all.

Cali comes from the room still naked and revealing her shaved little pussy.
"Yeah, I kind of.. I fucked your girl but maybe she's just warmed up for you!" Cali nudges me and winks as she walks by to get a drink.

I help Vanessa to the bedroom and as soon as she hits the mattress she's asleep. I need to take care of this throbbing problem I have. I wonder if I smothered Vanessa with a pillow if I could convince the police she suffocated herself in her drunken state. Probably not.

I walk to the kitchen and stand with Cali a moment before pulling my penis out of my pants.

"Cali!" I say to get her attention and as she turns around I gently shake my dick. "Vanessa is sleeping."

"To the couch! I guess if I'm going to be a slut I might as well take care of both of you but on the couch. I'm not getting on my knees on these hardwood floors."

We walk together to the couch and I let my pants slide to my feet. She gets on her knees and I lean in and kiss her gently before telling her I love her.

"Be careful! Don't use your fangs!" I warn her as she begins to put the tip of my penis in her mouth.

You're my favorite cousin and I love you.

I need a cigarette.


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