Chapter 81 Maha Chapter.

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Shravan's POV.

I stared at the little sleek box in front of me.

Did she really send this to me?

This is not like her at all.

On opening the 2nd gift parcel two packages had popped out with 'open this first' written on the small sleek one.

A cigarette case? I know I had mentioned few times to her that I want to try smoking but each time she had insisted I should not.

In my mid teens it had seemed to my mind that it would make me look 'cool' if I held one in my hand and had even practised some poses with rolled up paper.

But my Sumo had soon knocked off that idea when she had looked so disappointed with me.

Now, years later I am feeling disappointed with her for choosing this gift.

I tried to shake away the feeling and fingered the smooth surface of the box. She must have wanted to please me and had thought this will make me happy.

Taking a deep breath in my attempt to lift my mood I opened the box.

In a split second I had to close my eyes as a strange sensation hit my face.

Squinting my eyes open a bit I touched my face with a finger and stared at it. My whole body vibrated as laughter rolled out of me.

A trick box. A dark sticky blue liquid had squirted out when I had pried open the lid.

Chuckling I looked inside the packet and out rolled a note.

Don't even think of ever trying! Got it?

Smiling goofily I muttered "Yes Ma'am."

Reaching out I opened the other packet that the parcel had contained.

Rolls of paper and dozens of sketch pencils. I drew in my breath as my eyes saw them.

I had started sketching after a few months of being in London. It helped me to fight my loneliness and take hold of all the bitter emotions that had been raging within me.

She knew. She must have asked Pushkar about me.

What she could not have known though was the fact that the first portrait sketch I had ever made had been hers.

Not a perfect one, but one that had made me miss her even more and I had flung it inside my cupboard angrily.

Such a dolt I had been over the years.

Reaching out for the next parcel I paused for a moment. I had seen just two year's gifts and was already feeling emotionally drained should I open another?

Deciding I should, I started unwrapping.

One of your choice and one of mine- yours to be opened first.

Even the simplest of notes from her can make my heart dance crazily.

Opening the said packet I almost jumped for joy at the sight that met my eyes.

She found it! I had been wanting to buy it so desperately all those years ago but no shop had seemed to have it. Most shopkeepers had given me a weird look as though I had been asking for the moon.

The Beatles signature tie.

The band members' faces on the tie made me smile deliriously. I had always been fascinated with that band, even though the band had ceased to exit long before I had even been born.

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