Kade's P.O.V. 11

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There was no light coming in and that was strange. That is the first thing I notice when I wake up in the morning; light. I groan and stretch tired and with a headache. Looking around the room, I realize I don't notice my surrounding. I sit up and see I'm dressed, great. I get off the bed and walk to the door to see where I am. The last thing I remember was that I was with Maze. My guess is that I was at Ace. I open the door and walk out to hear mumbling.

"What happened?"

"Nothing, Mason."

"You mean, you didn't try anything?"

"No. I whispered 'I love you' after he fell asleep, and then placed him on my bed, left side and I slept on the right. I didn't try anything. I wouldn't unless he wanted me to. He also called me cute." I did?

"How cute."

"Stop, fuck Mason" I hear and then something falls. I walk around the corner to find Mason tickling Ace and trying to kiss him, and a cup on the floor in pieces.

"Stop, oh, hey, Kade."

"Good Morning" I say rubbing my eyes.

"Want breakfast, Petal?" Mason offers after he untangles himself from Ace.

"Sure, do you guys have coffee?" I say rubbing my head.

"Are you okay?" Ace asks walking over to me.

"Yeah, why?"

"Do you have a headache?" he asks touching the side of my head.

"Yes" he runs his fingers through my hair and then the side of my face before he walked to the cabinet next to the entrance of the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of painkillers. He walked back to me and then put 2 pills in my hand and a glass a water.

"Take them, you'll feel better in a few."

"You guys are cute, I love it." Maze says making me squirm and look up at Ace. Ace touches my face again softly and walks away putting a few things on a plate and then placing it in front of me.

"Thank you."

"So, what are you doing today?" Ace asks out loud.

"Taking Lucy out to eat and park."

"Well, you better take good care of my baby." Ace warns

"How about you?"

"Who? Me?" I ask looking up once I drink some of my coffee.

"Yes, you Petals."

"Nothing, I was planning to visit Ben's and then head home to do nothing."

"Sounds, uneventful." I laugh at Maze.

"Yeah, I don't have a life"

"Would you like to stay here and I don't know watch movies? Talk? Get into the pool?" Ace asks me. Mason laughs at Ace, who asked with tinted cheeks.

"U-uh, sure"

"You don't have to"

"No, I do. Keeps me busy"

"Hopefully, not the busy I am thinking."Maze says giggling.

"Don't push it, Mason." Ace warns glaring at Maze who's grinning.

"Well, I am leaving before it starts getting heated in here."

"Get the fuck out Mason." Ace say slapping him.

"Sure, babe, just don't go cheating on me." Mason says laughing and leaving right after.

Once we were done eating breakfast I asked Ace for a toothbrush since I hadn't yet and I took a quick shower changing into a pair of shorts and t-shirt Ace gave me of his. It smelled so good, clean, like him.

"What are we doing?" I ask sitting crisscrossed across Ace.

"You tell me." He says putting his phone down.

"I don't know. I want to try something."

"What" He asks interested now

"I want to..." I say playing with my fingers avoiding eye contact.

"I want to?" he teases a smirk on his face.

"Kiss you, I want to kiss you."

"Why don't you?" I shrug not looking at him.

"Come on, Kade, make a move. I'm dying over here"

"I can't." I whisper my hands starting to shake.

"What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. I know you've been hurt, I can tell. I heard it from your mouth, I want to help heal that ache in you. You're all I ever wanted. So, if you can't kiss me, can I?" he touches my face delicately making me look up at him and nod my head.

"Are you sure? I don't want to force you into something you don't want or are not sure of. Talk to me."

"Yes, I haven't been kissed in so long by someone that says they care about me." Did I just say that? So embarrassing! Ace laughs.

"Are you laughing at me?" That only makes him laugh harder turning him red.

"No, you're just so damn cute with your shyness, tinted cheeks, cute face, and that adorable pout you just have right now, it's doing all these damn things to me right now."

"Is that a bad thing?" he shakes his head no.

"It's a great thing" he leans and pecks my lips. He touches my face softly and delicately like if I would disappear into thin air at any second. He kisses me again a little deeper. He nibbles on my bottom lip making me suppress a moan.

Am I this sensitive?

"I waited so long to do that." He whispers after he pulls away. I don't say anything, I'm too embarrassed at how I almost let a moan escape at our first real kiss. I play with my fingers and don't look up at him.

"You're embarrassed" I am, captain obvious.

"Come on" I look at him.

"To the kitchen. Let's start making something for dinner and we can cuddle and watch movies and kiss?" he replies before I could ask.


"Yes, only if you'd want to?"

"Uh, I'd like that."

"Sure?" Of course, I'm sure. After that kiss you gave me? I would like a lot of more kisses!

"Yes, I'm sure." He smiles he pulls me by my arm up making me stand up.

"What would you like to eat?"

"Doesn't matter." He starts working around the kitchen while I just look at him.

"You sure know how to move around the kitchen." I comment.

"Well, my mother said a man had to cook for his woman so she taught me. Even though I'm not planning to cook for women unless it's Lucy or Adri, but I still enjoy cooking." He replies. Ace stops chopping what he's chopping and walks to the fridge he looks around the fridge and then take out a few ingredients and 2 beers. He places everything on the counter and then opens the beers handing one to me. He looks at me but doesn't say a word.

"Just kiss me" he doesn't wait and bends down kissing me. He smiles into the kiss and then pulls away. He pecks my lips again and continues cooking.

I check him out throughout the wait and in between Ace makes any excuse to talk to me, really close and steal kisses, which I didn't mind at all.  

I think there's something going on, do you? What did you think? Think it's escalating? I don't think so. 

Sorry, I didn't update yesterday. I spent the afternoon with my best friend, we both needed it. But anyways, how's life?

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