What Did I Do To Deserve this?

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I turn as I see him.

"Um...Do you want to go out on a date with me?" He says as he scratches his neck.

"Of Course."


"I love you" He says leaning close...

"I love you too..." I lean closer as our lips touch...



I shout as I throw anything I get my hands on at him and Klara.

I sink down crying, regretting everything I said and gave to him...


I was walking Around in school quietly. I open my locker and multiple letters came down. I read almost all of them and see that...they want me dead.

"How dare you cheat on him?!" People started to hate me, tease me, beat me...leave me.

"I did'nt cheat on him! He did!" I said the truth as every one of them start laughing. Telling me that I was just a brat wanting attention. 

I ran away from them. But it feels like everything they said kept following me. I reach the girl's bathroom crying my eyes out. I wipe my tears away as the stall doors open. I see a girl come out. She spots me and looks at me disgusted. 

What hurt me more was the fact that she was my best friend. 

She shoves me as my stomach hits the sink hard as she cackles at me.

I feel dead...not really dead. But dead inside.

What did I do to deserve this?

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