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A little grain of sand was

lost in the heat of the desert

among countless others

longing for the soothing water

A little breeze hears her cry

and lifts her up

to the welcoming ocean

What are you she asks?

And the oceans says

I am the sorrow of the stars

filled with their tears of salt
What are stars she asks?

They are the essence of life

that all of You are made of

Why are they sad she asks?

Because you don't see the beauty in life

And what is that she asks?

The beauty in life is love

What is love she asks?

Come to me and I will show you

the ocean says and puts her in a clam

sheltered from the heat of the sun

and the wawes above

She begins to grow and shine

I see now what love is

But why don't others?

They are afraid the ocean answers

Of what she asks?

That they are not like others

Must they be to be loved she asks?

Oh no, the ocean says

Just like grains of sand and snow

No one is the same on the outside

But on the inside they are all alike

They all want love

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