Gajeel Redfox!

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"What do you mean we have to leave?" Natsu ran a finger through his wet hair. 

"Natsu I'm sorry but the police are going to inspect our hotel" Lisanna explained next to her husband Bixlow.

"When are they coming?" 

"In a few hours" Lisanna bit her lip.

As soon as we got back from our fun day we were faced with an issue. The police have decided to start inspecting the hotels around Fiore. 

"Gosh this is so frustrating!" Natsu yelled.

"Don't stress out too much" Levy opened the apartment door.


"Gray and I have found somewhere for you to stay" Levy smiled.

"Where?" Natsu questioned.

"With Gajeel Redfox" Levy squealed jumping up and down. How could I forget, Levy has a massive obsession with Gajeel and how his innocent. 

"Wow" I rolled my eyes.

"Sounds good" Natsu shrugged his shoulder, talk about a sudden mood change. I followed Natsu inside the apartment where I found Gray with two suitcases.

"I packed your things for you" Gray wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"It's not what you think" heat rose to my cheeks as I remembered Gabi.

"Someone still needs her teddybear to sleep" Gray teased. I frowned and snatched my suitcase form him aggressively,

"It was a gift from my mother" My eyes met the floor, everything was silent for a moment, tension filled the air, thinking of my mother always made me gloomy.

"Anyways lets get going" Levy tried to brighten the mood, Gray quickly followed by apologizing.

After Natsu and I showered, not together we headed out. My hand squeezed the handle of my pink suitcase as I rolled it out of the hotel apartment. I thanked Lissana and Bixlow on my way out. Eventually Gray and Levy drove us down to a small house, it looked very small and stuffy. Hoping out the car I examined the broken window. The small wooden door and the brick roof.

"Whats wrong, is it not good enough for you princess" Natsu smirked.

"It will have to do" I sighed before heading inside. Once inside I was met with a man. Piercings covering his face, a bulky build and long black messy hair. He looked straight at me and raised an eyebrow.

"She is smaller then I imagined" He let out a laugh.

"Gajeel my man" Natsu greeted as they bro hugged. Gray and Levy eventually entered. Gajeel locked eyes with the short petite girl and let out a giggle patting her head.

"Your tiny" he teased. 

"Shut it" She grimaced.

I definitely wasn't expecting this, the five of us sat down and chatted for a bit. It was quite reassuring knowing that Gajeel wasn't scary, in fact he was really kind and funny. Levy told him all about her case files on him and he was really impressed. For some reason he likes to call me bunny girl, that is kind of concerning. But overall I'm really pleased that he is helping us out. 

I smiled to myself, looking at the people around me, these are the kind of people I want to share my company with.

"I just got of the phone with Erza, tomorrow morning we are leaving the country" He looked at me.

"Wait what!" I yelled snapping back into reality.

"We can't stay here forever, were leaving tomorrow" He ordered.

"How long, where?" I questioned panicking.

"Don't panic, it won't be for long, and it's in Spain" He explained like it was ok.

"This isn't fair" I pouted.

"Erza has a private jet arranged" He explained. He continued blabbering on about how I have to be careful about what I do in other countries, I couldn't care less about that but the fact that were leaving tomorrow is concerning.

I know I can't back out now but I am really going to miss everyone back here. The experience with Natsu has been fun, thrilling and breathtaking. It has been the best few days of my life but how long does it have to last.

"Hey it will be alright" Natsu smiled at me, reassuring me but I definitely didn't feel reassured. I felt pressured and worried. 

Is this going to be a permanent lifestyle?

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