Part 80*

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After the amazing performance by Shravan's friends, the heat in the room had tripled. Everyone was enjoying themselves to the fullest and Shravan and Sumo were both beaming with joy.

Aaron: It is my honor to announce our next performance. (smiling)

Shanaya: This next number is going to be the best performance of the night!!

Aaron: It will blow your mind!!!!

Shanaya: It will leave you speechless!!!

Aaron: May I present to you the beautiful, the ravishing, the breathtaking, and the stunning Shanaya!! (bowing down to her)

Shanaya: And with me, the hottest, the cutest, the sexiest, and the most handsomest Aaron!! (grabbing his hand)

Everyone in the room laughed as Shanaya and Aaron openly flirted and praised each other. Shravan's other friends were still in shock with this steamy attracting, and Ashton was complete stunned seeing Aaron and Shanaya together.

All of the attention turned to the dance floor which was lit up with pink lights and flower chandeliers. The dance floor was empty and the crowd was eagerly waiting for Aaron and Shanaya. Soon the foggers went off and Shanaya entered with her back facing the audience.

Bole Chudiyaan

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Bole Chudiyaan

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna

Shanaya shook her bangles.

Haai main ho gaya tera saajna

Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te marjaawa

Aaron entered from the back with his desi moves.

Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa

Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

Aaron pulled Shanaya into his chest and they began to groove to the classic wedding favorite.

Haai haai main marjaawa marjaawa tere bin

Ab to meri raatein kat ti taare gin gin

Bas tujhko pukaara kare, meri bindiya ishaara kare

Aaron and Shanaya finish off the performacing with Shanaya in Aaron's arms and the entire audience giving them a standing ovation as they bowed down.

Shravan and Sumo both chapped and gave each other a high five after seeing Aaron being to lovestruck after Shanaya.

Soon, Shravan stood up leaving Sumo confused.

Sumo: What are you doing Shravan??

Shravan: (winking) I'll be right back.

Shravan got off the stage and walked to the dance floor, taking the mike out of Shanaya's hands.

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