Arriving In Bend. Part 81

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8th June 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...


I had a chat with Barb earlier and they were already in bend. They had arrived yesterday. She sounded tired but very satisfied for some reason. I will definitely have a chat with my friend when I see her again. She did mention that most of the Joifields had arrived and were organising tents and such in the back yard. She also mentioned that Jullianne was mothering her son much to his annoyance at the moment which made barb sound amused over it.

I've seen Jules in action so know what Jaxon would be going through. I reckon they will all be wanting to see us as soon as we get there. I know that Joy has been missing her family too. At least she has been a little molified having her youngest here at the moment with us. Matthew was kicked out by Bella a few days ago before Barb had left and was, of course, sulking about the separation. But I could understand it. Bella is still a minor while Matthew was not.

They will get there eventually despite the ups and down I know they will be going through.

Anyway, we will be heading up at the end of the week and I for one am so looking forward to it. I did wonder if Barb was able to find anything of Howard Joifield's first wife, whoever she was. Knowing my friend, I'm sure she would have found somehting out.

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It had been a long day with getting ourselves to the airport and onto a plane to Oregon to meet up with everyone. Barb had told us before we left that everything was settled for our arrival. But as with all large families on the move, we had to be careful not to leave anyone behind.

As it was, we landed in Bend just prior to dinner time. Micah and Jill knew it would be late afternoon when we would arrive but it was the best we could do with travelling wth everyone.

It was made all the more smoother with having Jenny along with Daniel and Joy coming with us. Everyone was more relaxed with them with us. It also helped that Jenny and Daniel had their own plane which comfortable fit everyone along with their luggage. Daniel of course, was flying. But it was exciting to finally land and get ourselves organised into the vans we had hired to take us from there to Micah and Jills.

Needless to say, we arrived at the front to see Barb and Jaxon waiting for us. Once the welcome's were over and done with and we were all out and walking inside, I felt relieved. Barb had been telling us about having a call from Andrew Knox's grandson. He was the brother of Howard's first wife, Eloise. Barb and Jaxon were able to find that out after they left us some days ago.

They were expected in a few days. They were driving up to be here. So I would imagine that by this weekend, it was going to be very exciting with everyone here.

" Really? That's awesome. Henry and Alice have been so looking forward to this family get together. So have the others." I said to Barb after she had said to me that The Knox family would be coming.

Henry and Alice were being put up inside the main part of the house and Reid and I were with Barb and Jaxon along with Celia and Peter I think in Ally's home. The kids were out camping in the backyard with a few of the younger family members. The ones who were my age, sort of. Barb and I were obviously allowed int he house with rooms for the simple fact that it was getting a little difficult with me and Barb getting up and down now that our pregnancies have grown a little.

That was something that I was still stunned over. Me being pregnant again. I still feel twinges when i think of Ashur. But they don't hurt as much. Not now that Reid and I are together and with this new pregnancy which we have been told is twins. I still smile when I think about how we found out about them. But I will never forget my first. Not ever no matter how old I will get.

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