the life of naruko and sasuke

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Sasuke  was still wondering  what type of flowers  naruko  loves  si he needs to ask someone  what kind of flowers  she  loves.  He  runs to the 3rd Hokage  to ask him  what kind of flowers  she loves.  Lord hokage.  Yes sasuke  what's the matter.  I was  wondering  what kind of flowers  does naruko  love?  Oh my she told you  she was a girl.  Yes  lord hokage.  Well  let me see. I  believe  she  loves 
Purple Orchid. She loves  those flowers.  Thank you  lord hokage.  Your welcome  sasuke.  Word for advice  please don't break her  heart  she is not  strong  she break very easily.  I won't  3rd Hokage  I promise.  Good . Have fun sasuke.  I will.  At six  sasuke  was  at  naruko  door.  She  answer the door.  Sasuke  was  blushing bad.  He was  thinking  how beautiful  she  is  and how  lucky  he is  to have  her all to himself.  Hello  naruko.  Hi sasuke.  Naruto  your really are  beautiful.  These are for  you.  He gave  her the flowers.  OMG  they are beautiful  these are my favorite.  Thank you very much.  She  hugged him  and  kiss  his cheek.  Are we ready.  Yea  I'm ready sasuke.  So sasuke  where are  we going for  dinner.  Well naruko  I thought we can  go to the  place you love to go to.  Aww sasuke  you are so  sweet  thanks.  They  talked. While having  dinner.  They finnish  there  meal.  And they  went to the park  and  lay on a blanket  on the  grass.  Sasuke  thanks for everything. your welcome naruko.  I really had a great time with you.  They were watching the stars.  He turned to her  and ask her if she wants him as a boyfriend. She  said I would love that.  He was happy to hear that  he ask her if he can  kiss  her. She  said yes. He kiss her on the lip she  responded to it  they finally stop so they can breath.  Oh saskue I love you very much. you are the best thing that happen to me.  Same  here naruko  I love you very much. you  change me to be a better person.  He kiss her one more time  before  dropping her off at her home.  See you tomorrow  naruko.  Night sasuke thanks for everything.  Your welcome sweetheart.

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