Sunnats of Eating Part-2

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                In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

‘Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s), his blessed descendents and noble companions.’


Sunnats of Eating (Continuation)

S.41. Nabi (S.A.W) ate (roti) bread made from wheat flour.

(Bukhari - S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 144-145)

S .42. Nabi (S.A.W) ate roti (bread) that had ghee in it. [which could be

called the ‘paraatha’ of today.] (ibnMajah-S.K.-Vol. 1: Pg. 147)

S.43. Steaming food should not be eaten, but one should eat only after it cools. (Kanzul ‘Ummal-S.K. Vol. 12: Pg. 86)


Note: Nabi has said that there is no blessing in steaming food.

(Majma ‘uz Z aw a id -S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 87)

S.44. Steaming food should be eaten after it cools.

(Mishkat - S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 87)

S.45. Do not blow onto any food stuff. (Tirmidhi-S.K-Vol 1: Pg. 89)

S.46. To have vinegar and honey in the house is Sunnat.


S.47. Whilst eating if any crumbs or pieces of food fall then these should be picked up and eaten and not left for Shaitan. (Muslim-S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 75)

Note: Such an action will save one from:

a) Poverty;

b) Insanity;

c) Major sicknesses and furthermore, Allah will make one’s children more intelligent. (S.K.-Vol. 1 :Pg. 75-76)

Imam Ghazzali (A.R) has mentioned in his Ihya that such an action will become the ‘Mahr’ (Dowry) for ‘hoors’ (damsels) of Jannah. (Ihya -S .K.-V o l. 1 :Pg.76)

S.48. After the midday meal to enjoy a nap. This helps in engaging in worship at night. (Shu ’aboel Iman - S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 102)

S.49. If a servant has cooked our food then he should be requested to eat with us or separately.

(Tirmidhi - Ibn Majah - S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 93)

S.50. Whilst eating if a visitor comes along he should also be requested to join in the meals. (Muslim)

S.51. When eating together then as far as possible we should eat till the end (the last eater) so that we can accompany the slow eater (and if this is not possible then we should rather excuse ourselves when we finish eating).

(Ibn Majah-Mawahib - S.K. - Vol. 1 : Pg. 96-97)

S.52. If several people are eating dates (or something like dates) together then none should take in two’s or more except with the permission of his companions.

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