Chapter Fifteen

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^Song above is Missing You by All Time Low. This is one of my favorite songs! With what's been going on in my life recently, this song has definitely refound me! 

"Daniel?" I whispered, shocked to find the state my brother resided in. He was like a completely different person! 

This was not the older brother that I had grown up with. The way he carried himself, how he arrogantly titled his head, it was all different. This boy was a stranger! 

Danny approached me before kneeling in the dust, putting himself on my level. It was a move he often did when he wanted to have a serious conversation. 

His head cocked to the side as his cruel brown eyes observed me like a scientist would an unusual experiment. They wandered across my face, taking in my features as if he hadn't seen them everyday for the last nine years.

His lips tilted up into a smug smirk. "What a useless little girl you are." His words were light, curious even, as if he was merely stating a fact. He made a small humming noise before continuing his monologue. "You let that old woman fill your empty head with worthless fairy tales. Now you believe in nothing but happiness and good will. Well, little sister, those things have no place in this nightmare. They're nothing but child's play."

His voice pitched low, a macabre whisper suited only for my ears. "What a pity you can't see the true side of your heroic savior. His secrets will swallow you whole before you even begin to unravel them."

When no words left my mouth, in defense or otherwise, Daniel shook his head in slow defeat.

Danny clucked his tongue in mock pity, as if he actually felt sorry for my naivety. He waggled his finger in my face like one would scolding a small child. "You'll be a naïve child till the very end, it seems. It's a good thing for you that it'll come very soon. Hopefully, I'll be granted the honor of putting you down."

My mind seized at his words. He couldn't possibly be planning on killing his own  flesh and blood. My Danny would never harm me, even when I had struck him first. 

Josh, who had finally picked himself up from the floor, dove in front of me. His small fingers, roughly the same size as my own, pushed my brother away from me.

Daniel tipped backwards, where he landed roughly in the dirt. Surprise was smeared across his face like dust.

"You won't touch her!" Josh bravely yelled at the older boy. His chest rose in quick anger as his small hands curled into fists. For the first time since I'd met him, the red-haired boy showed no hesitation. He came to my aid without a second thought and with a sure confidence guiding his actions.

Sharp intakes of breath echoed from the other children. They gathered behind Pan like frightened children behind a mother's skirt, silently observing the scene playing out before them like film reel.

Danny rose to his feet, shook himself once, and began advancing towards us. An evil smile lit his features in shades of black. It matched the darkness within his heart that shone through his eyes. "Little boy, you've made a very big mistake."

I flinched backwards, my hand tightly grasping Josh's. My eyes squeezed shut as we waited for a sure impact.

But he never reached us, for a hand upon his shoulder froze him to his spot.

My attention flicked to the man behind him. The Lost Boys had finally gathered behind the fiery man in a fighting stance, a formidable force willing to protect their home from the unwitting invader.

Only one refused stand with his leader.

His blonde head bobbed as Fin sulked in a corner, his hands clutching desperately to his golden locks. Soft shakes and sobs quaked his shoulders as he rocked himself back and forth.

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