Devils Night

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Vanessa is wearing a sexy, black, party dress and I'm not sure where she purchased it but it makes her hard body look divine. She's also wearing kitten ears, a black tail and a mascaraed mask. I suppose she's a sexy kitten.

I myself have chosen to dress as a psychopath. We look just like everyone else. I don't do costumes. I'm not the sort to be festive.

Tonight is Carter's party and my party favors are in the trunk along with some filthy sixteen year old corpse nobody is missing.

I'm sure there will be ridicule about my lack of costume but I simply do not care. I choose not to participate because I could not care any less.

I wonder if Mandy will be dressed as a sexy mouse. I imagine her as a mouse I couldn't even step on and was Clair invited? I hope she burns in the fire with Vanessa. I need a new Secretary or receptionist ... Whatever she is.
Useless thing to stare at while I think about murdering Carter.

I arrive at the six thirty a half an about early and sneak into the Meridian estate apartment complex Carter lives in after going to the Arabia, Electra, East Queen, Triumph tower and Parkland plaza to set the timers on my work there.

I have to rush to my condominium to pick up Vanessa as Cali leaves for work. Cali is wearing almost an identical outfit to Vanessa except hers includes a tear away strap and bondage gear. 69 shades of fucking whore.

"Where were you, Michael? We are going to be late." Vanessa says in an almost enthusiastic and quite confusing tone. She can't wait to undress John Carter whom I presume is going as a less than sexy obese cat so the lovely couple have matching costumes.

"I had to give a friend a ride to the office. Get in!" I say hastily. I couldn't care less about going to this deranged function for this silly Christian holiday.

"Do you have any cocaine, Michael?" she asks slightly dozing off. What a weird state for someone who is so excited about an event. I want to filet her like a fish and eat her fucking heart. Stupid, trashy, cheating whore!

"A little. It's in the glove compartment inside of the BMW manual dear."

"I can't find it, snuggle bunny!"

"I believe it's in the bag of cocaine you just dropped on the floor, love." Love to stab you in the face. Love to filet your vagina lips. Love to be at your funeral.

We snort Hollywood lines as you should before any formal function. It's simply a sign of respect to show up with your nose dripping, eyes dilated and overly enthused. It proves you are there to have a good time.

Entering the party I see Stan Walkens and he seems to have stolen my costume idea. Vivian Chalmers is also dressed as a sexy rodent. Carter is dressed as Frankensteins monster if Frankensteins monster spent too long at a fast food restaurant. Clair appears to be a fairy tale princess and Mandy is nowhere to be seen. Useless twat.

Ashley Armstrong is dressed as a slutty French nurse. She's not a hard body but she's got curves in all the right places. She's a doll and I imagine she's the violent type you would literally have to punch in the face during sex to help her get off. I would tear her head off and skull fuck her throat until her eyeballs emerged from her sockets from my eruption.

When Mandy comes through the door dressed as a sexy vampire she goes straight to Vanessa and I hope it's to bite open her little kitten throat but that doesn't appear to be the case. They're mingling and that has me more than concerned. My throat gulps with anxiety but they appear to be flirting.

I'm mingling with Patrick Arsenal and his wife Cathy whom is Clairs sister. They met at an office Christmas party and must have been married a month later. We're talking about updated statistics reports at Wilder & Wilder incorporated and how the new algorithm is supposed to be superior when it finally happens. The fire alarm goes off.

"Oh my God!" I hear Mandy scream.

"They're evacuating the building. We need to get out of here." Carter says in a more than calm voice. "Everyone to the staircase!"

We all line up single file and head down the staircase from the seventh floor to the sixth and the sixth to the fifth and I'm exhausted physically and mentally because I see no smoke until we reach the third floor and things begin to get warm.

Upon reaching the second floor a fire rescue team member spots us and I finally see flames. The fire is finally rising and these bastards are going to put it out. This is an outrage. I wish I could... Ugh, I'm exhausted. I wish I could live for eternity happy with Mandy and Cali forever.

When we reach the ground floor flames are everywhere and we can't see a damn thing. We're quickly escorted outside and I notice Carter looking upwards.

"It's going to be okay." I say while acting as sincere as possible and looking for the pain in his eyes but it is simply not there. In some ways Carter looks relieved as if he's been unhinged from the ties of his worldly possessions. I am screaming inside and wish there was a ball bearing bomb strapped to my chest right now.

"Do you want to come stay at our place tonight?" I ask him as if I'm apologizing for the loss of a family member at a funeral.

"Thank you so much, Michael but Mandy already offered me a place for the night." Carter says as he nudges my shoulder.

I am going to hang them both from trees. I am going to hang them both from trees covered in white sheets and make their decaying bodies look like demented Halloween decorations. Then I will see how long it takes the peaceful neighborhood I place them in to notice their fucking decayed, lifeless corpses. I imagine eventually the stench will give it away.

I light a cigarette out of stress.

After arriving home with Vanessa I turn on the evening news...

Six makeshift explosion devices were detonated at 1:00 A. M in six different apartment buildings this morning bringing back the meaning of the name Devils night. 13 were injured and four were killed. Among those four were two twin children. We ask you pray for all of those that the first affected.

Only six.. Only six and none of them Carter. To hell with Carter. To hell with Vanessa. To hell with Mandy and to hell with myself.

I walk to my nightstand table, pull out my loaded 38. Special and place it to my head. I should pull the trigger. I'm going to pull the trigger. I can't pull the trigger. I can't have the anniversary of my death land on Halloween.

I need a vacation. I need a cigarette. I need a higher body count. I need to die.

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