Chapter 1- The First Day

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"Good morning class! And well come to a new year at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive High. As you know this will be the last year here, so we might as well get started!" the teacher's first words were already making us fall asleep. I cant believe this is my last year here. Uni here I come! I looked over at Leah, smiling at the thought of actually going to college with my best friend. She smiled back, knowing what I was thinking about. "Allison?" I heard a voice. I looked around the room and noticed that everyone was staring at me, including the teacher. "Yes... Mrs. Haney?" I replied. She raised an stern eyebrow at me, practically telling me to pay attention. I turned my gaze to my desk as she returned to her teaching and giggled. I pulled out a piece of college ruled paper and started to doodle. I mean really, what could we possibly learn on the first day of school? I had no clue what so ever... mainly because, I wasn't listening. HA! Before I knew it class was over. I met Leah by the door, "Great... another grade with Mrs. Haney." she said sarcastically. We both laughed and started walking to our lockers chatting about our new classes but eventually had to go our separate ways. I was able to open my locker, surprised that I remembered my combination, reached my arm in and yanked out a few 4 inch thick text books. Right after closing my locker door, a somewhat pale boy, wearing a JACK WILLS hoodie, with naturally gorgeous, brown curly hair popped up, smiling that perfect smile at me. "Hello beautiful!" he said. I smiled, "Hey Harry.". I turned around and started walking signaling for him to walk beside me. "And welcome to another year at the Holmes Chapel School of Comprehension!" he lifted his arms up in the air gesturing the building and then resting his right arm around my shoulders. "Let me guess... you got Mrs. Haney too?" I asked giggling. "Well I've had 3 years with her, why not have another?" he let out a big sigh giving a cheeky smile hiding his fear of the high-pitch voiced teacher. I hugged my books as we walked. PAUSE: Yes, I know what your wondering! Is this massively handsome so called, Harry, this girl is talking about THE Harry Styles? Why yes, I am talking about Harry Styles, how did you know? ;) haha! Well he really didn't have that 'THE' in front of his name until One Direction came in second place on the X Factor, and became massively famous. Harry and I have been best friends since our second year here, and are even closer than Leah and I. Which in my point of view is rather scary! We've spent endless summers together, and really short afternoons as well. We can practically tell each other anything. Its kind of one of those relationships where the moments are 100% carefree and were comfortable with each other OR, 100% of complete awkwardness, where we spontaneously laugh about nothing until its not awkward anymore. Alright, thought I'd just fill you in on that.

PLAY: "So you wanna catch that new film tonight?" I asked him as we approached our next class. "Defiantly!" he said, walking us through the doors. His arm was still around me. And of course, I would be the much privileged girl to have a shoulder that smelt like his armpit for the rest of the day... lovely. I didn't really mind it though, its not like it hasn't happened before.

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