Chapter Twenty Six|| Coronation Day

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"You shall read this and sign your name. Not as Scarlett Madison, but as Queen Scarlett Spur." My heart sped up as I picked up the pen reading it. 

"These paper states that she shall be your queen with your king until a new heir is ready to take over. Scarlett will be there for her people and make only the best choices for them. She will stand by the King's side to help guide him in tough times and to do what's best for him. She will be loyal as he shall be to her. As she signs her name, she signs her life to the royal family. If needed she would give her life for the Royals, or for her people, as they would for her." he nodded at me and I clenched the pen signing my name. It felt odd writing Spur, but great at the same time. 

"Crown," he demanded and a man walked over holding a pillow where the crown sat and I held my gasp, it was beautiful. 

The official grabbed the crown softly holding it by the sides. 

"With the power invested in me by the church, I pronounce you Queen and wife to King Christian Demitri Spur." He sat the crown on my head and at the new weight upon it, it made me feel all giddy inside.

"Christian, come forward please." He did so and held out his palm as if knowing what was coming. 

"Stand please." The official said to me holding his hand out and helped me to my feet. 

"We will now do the blood bonding ritual." My eyes widened, Christian did not mention this. 

The look on Christian's face basically told me to calm down. 

"Palm please." The official said to me and I held out my hand facing my palm towards him. He grabbed a cup and handed a knife to Christian. 

Christian easily wrapped his hand around the blade of the knife jerking it down without even flinching and held his hand over the cup as blood poured into it. 

"Now for you, my Queen." He said and I smiled and took the knife from Christian. 

'You can do this, babe. Don't think about it.' Christian's voice floated through my mind and I quickly wrapped my hands around the blade slicing my hand. My blood poured into the cup and the official took back the knife.

"Now, hold hands please." He said and Christian held his bloody hand out to me and I gulped taking my cut hand and took hold of his hand as our blood intertwined and I felt power surge within me and Christian grinned. 

'Your eyes flashed gold.' He said through our mind link and I smiled. 

"I now give you your King and Queen!" Cheers broke out and the official smiled giving us a small bow and I let go of Christian's hand seeing our cuts were already healed. 

He pulled me to him capturing my lips with his and wolf whistles were heard causing me to grin. He broke away from the kiss giving me a goofy smile.

"I love you," he said and I smiled. 

"I love you too." 

{Unknown's POV}

I turned the TV off angrily. 

"Are you kidding me!" I yelled kicking a chair over. 

"What are you going on about?" I heard and looked over at her annoyed.

"The King is now soon to be mated to the Queen, she is now queen and it just made him more powerful. He is going to be unstoppable. I told you them to kill her parents! How could they be so stupid?! It was supposed to weaken her and cause them to postpone her coronation until we breached the castle." I groaned sitting on the chair in the small room. 

Aurora let out a sadistic laugh and kept on. 

"Would you shut up?" I snapped angrily and stood up grabbing a knife and shoved it into her thigh and she let out a small hiss but laughed once more. 

"That... now that's the best news I've heard in a long time." She said and I gritted my teeth together. 

"And why's that? You're still my prisoner after all. There is plenty of more test to come." She just grinned at me. 

"Because that's one more step into my plan of slaughtering you." Sweated coated her forehead. 

"Funny, you've said that how many times now? And you're still here?" I said and she managed a shrug. 

"Sometimes the best of plans take time. Mine has gruesome details that take time to think over." She gave out a sadistic laugh. 

"Oh, I can't wait!" She yelled. 

"Knock her out and put her back into her cell," I told one of the guards and opened the door from the testing room to leave. 

"I will kill you! I promise!" I heard her call out and soon there was silence and I smirked walking down the hall. 


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