Her royal dress above:) As many of you know, I like to do things different. So, this will serve as a wedding and coronation, it is a different way than an actual royal would do it in real life considering this is fiction and a werewolf story, so please no hate or 'this is wrong' comments because this is MY story that I am putting here FREE for you, please keep that in mind. 


Chapter Twenty Six|| Coronation Day

{Scarlett's POV}

I took in a shaky breath. This is all happening too quick. I stood in a beautiful white and gold dress. I haven't seen Christian today, it was against the ritual. Today counted as a wedding and a coronation. I was happy and I was nervous. I didn't know which was conquering one another, though. 

The night I had told my family, they were ecstatic even already knowing from my father telling them. I had to tell my mom the story multiple times until she was satisfied. I was... happy. 

Now, I'm terrified. Officials from the church were all around, even one woman watched me get ready as everyone did my hair and makeup. 

This was it, coronation day. I was kinda bummed when I couldn't invite Octavia to it. Only royal family and family of the soon-to-be queen were allowed. 

"You're going to be fine," Cora said adjusting my veil. 

"I know, I- what if I mess up?" She walked in front of me and gave me a determined look. 

"You are going to go out there and strut as you walk, head held high and not let any of those narcissistic baboons scare you. That is what they do, they wait for you to freak out and mess up deeming you unfit to be a queen. Walk out there as that hard-headed, determined girl you are, and you will surprise all of them. Christian will be there right beside you, don't forget that." I smiled at her words. I felt somewhat better. 

"Okay," I mumbled and she looked at her watch.

"Good, because it's time." She said picking up my dress. 

"Oh Goddess," I mumbled as the doors were opened by two guards and Christian's mother walked through.

"It's time. Knock 'em dead." She winked and I smiled. 

It was part of the ritual for the old queen and one other royal member picked by the soon-to-be new queen to walk down the aisle behind holding the dress. I obviously picked Cora. 

They both held my dress and nodded for me to walk. I took a deep breath moving towards the hall. People bowed their heads as we passed and came to the main hall of the crowning and throne room. Somewhere I had yet to see. 

The doors opened as soft music played and I looked around, taking in a sharp breath as my eyes landed on Christian. I had never seen him in his royal attire, he had only worn suits around me. He stood with a thick robe around his shoulders, a royal suit was underneath and a sword hung in the loop from the holster around his waist. His crown was beautiful and sat perfectly on his head. Not one hair was out of place. 

I continued walking and eventually made my way to the end of the aisle and Cora and his mother let go of my dress gently and walked to their seats. I stood in front of I'm assuming another church official. I gulped as he walked down to me and nodded once to me. 

I bowed to my knees and bowed my head in respect. My eyes moved to Christian who gave me a small nod as if saying 'good job' and I looked back to the man in front of me. 

"As head of the church, we gather here today not only to crown your new queen but to unite her with your king." I smiled thinking about it. 

A small table was placed in front of me maybe two feet off the ground. Papers sat on it. 

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