Chapter 28: When the Youngest Always Settles Things

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Sarah POV
I finally finished editing my latest vlog and uploaded it, and then visited Sabrina's room.
I didn't even bother knocking.
"What's up?" Sabrina said, looking up from her phone, covered in her blankets.
"I need to ask you something," I confessed.
"Ask away,"
"Are you and"
"No..." She looked at my disappointed expression and added, "not yet anyway."
Satisfied, I went off to Jenna's room and dragged her out of bed.
"Dude, it's 9:46!" I yelled, pulling her thick covers off of her groggy face to reveal that she was actually up the whole time. I grabbed her phone.
"Hmm...stalking people on instagram?"
She attempted to grab her phone but failed.
"I see Alex Lange is your number one suggested insta?"
Jenna's cheeks turned a cute shade of pink that matched her curly blond hair.
"Is that who you were crushin on? Come on, let's go see him."
I didn't add the fact that he had a girlfriend.

At the Team 10 house
We were quietly welcomed in by Jake.
"Guys, shh. Shit is going down," he whispered.
I shot him a queer look and proceeded to go to the room that Ivan, Chance, Anthony, and Emilio stayed in.
"Ivan?" I called, and he walked out shortly. After a brisk hug, he explained that Emilio was furious because Tessa "cheated" on him with Chance.
"He is outside because he wants to stay away from everyone," Ivan muttered. He looked worried for his brother.
Looks like someone has to settle this again.
I knocked on Tessa's door, leaving Ivan back in his room.
"Don't come in, please," A shaky voice replied.
"Open up, Tessa. This is important."
The door suddenly opened.
Tessa looked...terrible. Her eyes were swollen and red.
"It's okay if you're mad at me, I deserve it," she said, laying on her bed.
What could I say? But I knew that she was going through a lot. Instead of saying a word, I gave her a hug.
"It's going to be okay."

Jake POV
"You came!" I said once Sabrina and I entered my room.
Her beautiful smile made me grin as well. I don't know what came over me, but I said it suddenly.
"Dude, lets date."
Her eyes widened and she stared at me for so long it made me uncomfortable.
"What the hell?"she asked quietly.
"I said, let's date," I repeated, less confidently this time.
"Well..." she said, laughing a bit. "Maybe we should get to know each other better?"
"Sounds good!" I said eagerly. "Date at 5 today?" I did have to edit the vlog, but right now that didn't really matter. I nervously licked my lips, awaiting her answer.
"Sorry...I have a movie premiere party today-"
I could feel my face visibly fall.
"-but they said we could bring friends." She said, winking.

Emilio POV
I balled my fists up in anger and kicked the now rotting flowers that I was planning on giving Tessa when they were fresh and beautiful.
How did it come to this?
And why is it that the girl I loved cheated on me, but I still love her?
I turned around quickly at a soft, familiar voice.
For a split second, I thought that Tessa had finally come to explain, but it was Sarah, Jake's sister.
"Yeah?" I raised my eyes in response.
She eyed the rotting flowers, then my unkempt appearance.
"I think you should talk to Tessa," she said quietly.
Biting my lips to stop myself from yelling at her, I composed myself.
"What is there to talk about?" I said dully.
She rolled her eyes.
"Come on, Emilio. Be the bigger person, please. At least one person here has to be mature."
I took her words to heart and slowly stood up. I took a deep breath and headed to Tessa's room, amidst the staring of Jake, Chad, and Ivan.

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