Chapter 1

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Yes the first chapter is of course, going to be the first one shot I wrote of it in my one shot book.

You walked into the cafe Max worked at. "Hello, Y\N." Max greets you, and you wave. "Hello, Max." You respond. A couple of Oswald's kids run past you, and you smile. You look to see Oswald at a table as his kids played.

One of the kids tripped while running and hit the ground making an 'oof' Sound. As Oswald was about to get up he noticed you run over to the kid, and help him up. "There you go, sweetie." You say as you giggle.

The kid smiled at you. "Thanks, Ms. Y\N!" He said as he ran off. Oswald tilted his head. You smiled as you watched the kids play. Oswald got up and walked over to you. You looked at him and smiled. 'Thank you for helping my son.' Oswald wrote. "Of course." You respond. Oswald smiled faintly.

The kids looked at you and Oswald. " she our new mom or...?" One of the kids asked. You blushed and Oswald gave the kid a playful glare. The other kids laughed. "Oh, I wouldn't wanna replace your mom. I know how much Oswald misses her." You said.

Oswald looked at you. "Its a shame, though. Its good for kids to have both parents in their life." You said. Oswald looked down as his ears went down. You looked at Oswald and frowned, putting your hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

Oswald looked at you, and you hugged him. You wanted to comfort him the best you could. Oswald stood still for a few moments before he hugged back. The kids giggled. "But you two look cute together!" One of them said.

You went over to the kid and picked him up. The kid smiled, and you smiled back as you booped his nose, making him laugh. Oswald watched silently and smiled slightly. His ears lifted up as he began to think. His kids did seem to like you.

You put the kid down. Oswald opened the door saying it was time to go. "Bye, Ms. Y\N!" The kids said as they ran out. Oswald looked at you and smiled before leaving.

You smiled as you ordered something and Max went to make it. After eating you went home.

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