Chapter 16: Lily

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594th sol- 02:58

I could hear someone talking but it was like I could only hear them through water. After I had lifted Rachel's shirt I was amazed I hadn't noticed it. There was dried blood sticking the shirt to her stomach. Then the world was shaking and I could hear my name. "Lily!! Lily!!" It was John, he had grabbed my shoulders and had started gently shaking me.

"Lily, you're the medic, what do we do?!?!" He asked, his voice was starting to get frantic. I think it was his tone that snapped me out of it.

"Seth, Tom, start setting up the large tent. Matt, get my medical bag quickly!! John, help me start a fire." I gave directions like I had been doing it my entire life.

"Why do we need a fire?" John asked.

"We need to cauterize the wound. Now hurry up! Before the hangover from the adrenaline comes!!" I told him. He started to move with a new urgency as he realized he would soon be pretty useless. "Seth, Tom, how's the tent coming?!" I yelled at them. It was an easy-up tent. They were issued by the military.

It started as big bundle of cloth with sealed tubes of cloth where tent poles would normally be. On one side, there was a little glass vile inside that you cracked, like a glow stick. After it was broken, the chemical inside the cloth solidified and turned into the poles all on it's own.

"Almost done." Seth responded.

"Great, set up two cots." I told them. They moved with great efficiency. "John!" I yelled, "Got my fire yet?"

"Yeah, it's ready!" He responded.

"Good, set your knife so the tip is in the fire." By this point, Matt had found my stuff and was bringing it over to me.

"Here." He said handing it to me.

"Great, help me get her onto one of the cots in the tent." We picked her up as gently as possible. We didn't have a stretcher and I didn't want to risk any more damage to her intestines. We grabbed each other's arms under her back, one under her lower back and the other under her upper back. "On three," I told him. "One, two, three!" I said as we lifted her towards the cot. We set her down and I rushed back for my bag and then returned.

"Ok, everyone out!" I told them. I had to remove her shirt and I didn't know how she'd feel about the boys seeing her so exposed. I quickly poured rubbing alcohol over my hands to sterilize them and moved to inject her with what little sedative I had. The medical kit I had had a single syringe of diazepam to use as a sedative. It wasn't much and it wouldn't last long.

I quickly removed her shirt to start working. I gave her the diazepam and started using my scalpel to get the metal out. I didn't want to just pull it out because that might just cause more damage. She started to moan as I kept cutting and going further into her abdomen.

I was about two inches in when it came free. I had to act quickly to cauterize the wound. I grabbed John's knife that had been sitting in the fire, the tip was glowing.

"Sorry Rachel, this is going to hurt a lot." I said, even though she couldn't hear me. I took the tip of the knife and stuck it into her side. The sound that came from her lips was horrifying. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and thrashing around, her arms naturally swatting at the knife in her side. I had to pull it out so it wouldn't hurt her more. I was appreciative that the boys didn't come running into the tent. I set the knife back in the fire and pulled her shirt back on and down over her chest then walked outside to get the boys help.

Out side, John was trying to sit up or something but the hangover was officially there and he was on the cot struggling. "Seth, Tom, Matt, I need you guys to hold her down." I told them, they all stood and followed me into the tent.

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