A New Year's Walk - Philosophical Moment

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It was sort of a hub here, if you were to go somewhere of interest here in my town, you’d have to pass through here, it’s not a bad thing though. Convenience stores, the bus stop, some coffee shops and restaurants, and a public library.

Speaking of which, I realize I had no water, and so the convenience store was my first stop.

A bigger blast of colder air hits my face as the automatic doors do indeed open themselves. I felt glad I bought my coat, really glad.

Pacing past that soft drinks and rows of alcohol, I open the refrigerator in the back end, grab a bottle of water, and walk towards the counter.

I rummage through my numerous pockets for my wallet, upon discovering the fact that I have left it at home, I desperately look for change which would be enough to pay for my purchase.

Fortunately, I found enough with some excess for a pack of gum. After paying I walk back out to the trail.

Fisher Trail is a popular path for joggers and bikers alike. It had a wide sidewalk and the cemented roads were the nicest around.

It wasn’t always like that though. It was a dirt road a few years back. Jogging was still a thing, but driving was tough. After a few accidents, people wised up and started construction, made me walk home after school with my friends, but if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be walking home everyday like I do now.

I started walking, just walking down the three kilometer road towards the main district. My watch indicated that it was five thirty or so, I didn’t really look, just glance.

The bleak winter scenery wasn’t really nice to look at, it snowed a bit yesterday, so there’s still a bit on the sidewalk and all that, our area doesn’t really get much snowfall, so I’ am still glad we had snow back in Christmas. But Christmas wasn’t that enjoyable this time around.

It still had some charm I suppose. This boring little road I walk on. You’ll come to notice signs wearing out, being replaced, being stolen. You notice flowers grow, wilt, be reborn. You’ll notice how Mrs. Brenner’s cat always sits at the same place. You notice Jake’s dog go from puppy to adult.

Yes, all those people and all those things kind of make this place memorable. Just walking down this road everyday makes me feel comfortable. It makes me feel, warm, the familiarity of it all just makes me feel good.

What seemed like a few minutes turned out to be a bit more than that. Five Forty Two. Well, it’s not that I don’t have time to spare, but I’d rather savor every waking moment.

I continue walking.

My mind goes back to the days I walked home with my friends. It was tough, like I said, three kilometers. I didn’t have to walk the whole thing, just a part, whichever part wasn’t under construction at the time.

Maybe it was the heat, maybe the fatigue, but I hated it. Having to stop in the middle of the trip and walk with a heavy bag. However, now that I’ am older, wiser maybe that I’ve grown to love those moments.

It was a tingling sensation, remembering all of this. I look around, trying to spot the landmarks I’ve set to measure distance. Hah, those were the days when my friends and I get excited when we see the red two story house with the dark roof I was passing, signaling that we had only half a kilometer to go.

I continue walking.

The wind kept on coming, the other joggers kept warm by, well, jogging, and since I was just above a slow walk, I had to shove my hands into my pockets to keep warm.

Memories kept coming too. Made me think about what I wanted more, go back to the past and enjoy the things I loved, or brave the future.

I passed the turnoff for joggers, and most of them either stopped and headed back, or took the turn. There were a couple of people who went on in the same direction, most likely to reach the market a few blocks up.

My mind was still on the question though. Despite moving forward on the road, I was stuck in finding an answer. Was it truly better to dwell on the past, and hope it happens again, or suck it up and go brave through the near future?

Unfortunately my philosophical moment was rudely interrupted. By none other than physical pain, this is, to say, quite painful in a sense that it was sudden and unexpected.

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