25. Liar, Liar

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Saturday came way too quickly for my liking.

                All week, Zayn had been excited, and I knew – sadly – that it wasn’t because of me. He would be on his phone constantly, most likely planning the date, but still hung out with me and kissed me like there was nothing going on. Every time he held my hand or kissed me or even joked around, a little bit of me would beak. I thought he was supposed to be different.

                Still, though, I couldn’t bring myself to end things with him. I love him no matter what he was doing behind my back, which tore me to pieces inside as it was the harsh truth. How would I live? He’d remember and realize that he never wanted to cheat on me and my old Zayn would be back. Sadly, I just had to wait for that moment. So, on Saturday night, I did something… crazy.

                I followed my boyfriend to the restaurant.

                “Reservations?” The hostess asked me, looking down at the book of reservation names before flickering her gaze back up to me.

                I stopped watching Zayn and Sally’s retreating figure and answered, “I, um, don’t have one.”

                She sighed. “Sorry, miss, but we’re full tonight. Reservation only.”

                “But –”

                “Please leave the restaurant so others can be seated.”

                It was me who sighed this time, nodding and turning around. My heart felt sore – as did my head – before I finally came up with the resolution the second my eyes landed on the empty stage. Did they need a performer? My lips curled into a smile as I strut up to the hostess again, who was speaking to an elderly couple who were all dressed up for the evening.

                “I’m the replacement performer,” I told her, interrupting their conversation with an apology. “I tried to tell you, but clearly I was cut off because you thought I was scum or something.”

                She raised her perfectly tweezed brow. “And why would I believe you?”

                Somehow, luck was in my favor as a burly man in a suite walked over to us, his nametag reading “Manager” as he did so. A huge smile was planted on his lips and his arms were outstretched as he hugged me, kissing me on the cheek before leaning back and releasing me.

                “Rose Gates, how wonderful for you to be here!” The manager said happily.

                I smiled at him, my eyes flashing to his name. “It’s great to be here, Robert. I do have a last minute request, if you don’t mind, though.”

                He grinned, “Anything for you, Miss. Gates.”

                “I see you have no performer on stage. Is there any chance I could… sing a song?”

                “Of course, of course!”

                I grinned at him, and then at the hostess, who was staring at me with more realization settling in her eyes. Following the manager, I swerved through the tables, eyes searching for my boyfriend and a petite redhead – both of which I found at a table little ways from the piano in the center of the room for performers. Rob motioned for me to continue before giving me a slight wave, stumbling off to the kitchen.

                My eyes glanced down at the keys as I placed them on top, a song coming to mind as a waiter tended to me by getting a microphone. I thanked him, people around us still not noticing that I had taken seat at the piano. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my racing heart and teary eyes, knowing that I had one chance to show Zayn Malik that he couldn’t mess with me. Not when he couldn’t remember or when he could remember.

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