Chapter 52 - Blackout

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Being in complete solitude for a long period of time whilst walking towards God knows where really does something to you. Especially when you're unable to think positively. It's like that's when the ugly part of your conscience comes out to play, teasing you and mocking you.

A part of me couldn't help but think that every step I made was a step towards my death and that maybe the others were right. That very same part of me wanted me to turn around and run back, change the plan so that I wasn't running into the enemy's home blind. Yet at the same time, I had to remind myself that I wasn't the only piece on the chess board. Many lives depended on the decisions I made next. It would be selfish and unroyal of me to turn away simply because I felt uncomfortable. It would be important to note that I was saying all this to myself out loud.

I didn't expect to notice anything different in my surroundings upon entering the Shadow territory besides perhaps the sight of anything that was once living in the process of rotting away. I think what I stepped into was way worse.

All around me was just empty plains of fields, nothing different. It was almost as if I stepped over a line and I felt like something hit me, going right through me and touching every cell in my body. I was fine one minute then wanting to throw up the next. That wasn't all; I was hit with a screeching sound that seemed to go into my ears then spread through my brain, the pain it gave me sending me to my knees. 

It reminded of the time the Shadow tried to kill me from the inside, making me bleed from my ears and my eyes. That was what the pain felt like. I had my hands over my ears and I blinked repeatedly to get rid of the tears that were forming. Then there was nothing. Just silence as I tried to make sense of what in the world just happened. 

All of a sudden, my arms dropped to my sides and my body fell to my right. Being no longer in control of my body, I couldn't stop myself from collapsing. Instead, I just stared at the dark morning sky, watching as clouds pulled into view. I still had a few tears left in my eyes from a couple moments before and I let out a small sigh when I felt on slowly make its way down the side of my face. 

The last thing I remembered before shutting my eyes was thinking that perhaps this was the most stupid idea I had ever come up with and I was even more stupid for willingly carrying out. 

I could only pray that the moments to come would not interfere with my plan drastically and that this was not the end. 

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