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Alright, I never thought I would update this book again, but I'm pissed off. I'm really annoyed and fucking hurt.

I can't believe how bloody rude some people can be and I'm tempted to not even write the second book because people commenting on this are so inconsiderate.

I know the ending isn't happy, but not all books are happy and do you think I wanted to kill off Greyson ? Not really, I loved writing his character, but it happened and I've had the ending planned since I started writing this book and I know what I want to happen after. I wouldn't be able to write the second book if Greyson didn't die because I've been planning it for ages, so if you want Greyson to be alive right now then you won't get a second book and nothing will get explained, and personally I don't want that and I don't think many other people would either.

What really hurts me is that people are hating on MY decision on MY book. Someone said this and I've copied and pasted this from my email:

i am never going to read any more story of urs...just to make a sequel u killed the soul of the story..i am not happy...i can't be...good bye

That's horrible. You may not like how it ended, and you are entitled to your own opinion but you don't have to always share it ! That is so demoralising and it actually made me not want to continue with this story. If the person who wrote that comment is reading this then I hope you feel so happy that you feel the need to be so rude just because you're upset.

Do you know how much time and effort goes into writing a story? Shy is about 80 chapters long and I started this in 2015, I was 16 years old and now two years later it's finished, that's a lot of time and now people are hating on me for my decision on my book. It's horrible and rude.

Many people said they are going to stop reading and it's their loss because they are going to miss out on the second book.

Also, the person who said that comment said they will never read any of my other books... Can somebody explain how one book can put someone off other books that are completely different ?

Usually the majority of comments on this book are positive, however in the last few chapters I've seen hardly any comments actually saying nice things. And for everyone that said nice things thank you so much and I love you for it.

I get that people may not be happy, but some things need to be said and some things don't.

I read every single comment so anything negative that gets said I read. I've also had people arguing with me in the comments for defending my story and someone even said that I can't handle the comments. I can, but there's a limit. I can take criticism, but not hate. It's not nice and I don't care if people think that I should just ignore it, everyone's different and not everyone can. Every rude person in the comments has pushed me to my limit and I hope you're happy with yourselves and if I ever do start the sequel- please don't read it, I don't want people who made me want to stop writing reading my stories anymore.

To the people this rant doesn't apply to, I sincerely apologise and I thank you so much for the support, it truly means a lot.

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