CHAPTER-1 "Just another day.."

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"Hurry up lisa we are going to be late"
I opened my eyes and saw that I was late for the school.
"In a minute"
I yelled back to my brother and moved my lazy ass from the bed. I got ready for school and went down to the kitchen. My mom was sleeping on the couch and my brother was waiting for me at the gate.

I still remember what happened last night . Mom came home drunk while me and Sebastian were sleeping and started throwing stuff and yelling "I will kill that sick bastard"

It didn't took me long to figure out that she was referring to Paul, her latest boyfriend cum drug dealer
and then she passed out, Sebastian placed her on the couch and cleaned up the mess.

I am Annalisa my friends call me lisa  I am 17 year old , my brother Sebastian is 19 year old and my mom Julia is 40 year old. I don't have a father since my mom never really bothered answering me when I asked anything about him. My family is a mess
I don't remember the time when my mom was sober and not this drunk mess . Sebastian is the one who earns to pay the bills and my fees. He never finished his college to look after me and my mom. I love my brother, he is very protective and caring towards me. Mom loves him too but my mom just detest me.

I don't why or what is the reason but she doesn't loves me as much as she loves Sebastian. At first I thought that this was because my appearance may remind her of my dad. I am not sure because I have never seen him though.
I am a brunette with sharp blue eyes and I am pretty tall where mom and Sebastian are both blonde and they both have green eyes .

"Hurry up now,or we will miss the bus" Sebastian
pulls me out from my thoughts
I quickly ran to the gate and apologized to Sebastian for being late.

We both left the house and Sebastian locked the door . I gave him a confused look because he never locks the door when Mom is in as he knows it will piss her off. He gave me a small smile and said nothing

I shrugged it off and ran towards the bus stop
"uh oh, I guess the bus left" I said and looked back to Sebastian as he showed me the car keys in his hands

"Always prepared " I said to myself as I opened the door to the passenger's seat

"Lisa you have to sit in the back Jenny's coming" I frowned ' I hated Jennifer she was Sebastien's girlfriend and the daughter of one of the most successful business men

"ugh.. ok Sebastian I will go back" I never argued to Sebastian he does so much for me and I am highly grateful to him any other boy must have ran away from his responsibilities but he chose to stay just for the sake of me and my mom
"That's my girl "he said as he cupped my cheeks. I quickly opened the door to the back and sat down.

After few minutes we reached jenny's house and she entered and sat in the passenger's seat Sebastian gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and she winked at me in the review mirror
Bitch she clearly knows that I hated when Sebastian came close to any girl . I smiled at her and mouthed a Hi which she didn't respond and started fixing her hair. As soon as I reached the school I jumped out of the car and said a quick bye to Sebastian clearly ignoring jenny .

I was late so I was practically sprinting towards my classroom as I hated being late, I always like to be the obedient one call me a nerd but that's who I am,

when I bumped into a pole

yep silly me

I collected my belongings as fast as I can just when I spotted a hand. It was Jack, the most handsome boy in the school on which practically all girls drooled over.

I gently took his hand and stood up " Are you okay?" he said with a concerned look on his face "mm.. yeah I think so" I said nervously as it was my first time talking to him.

"Hi my name's Jack" he said offering a handshake I gently took his hand and said " myself Annalisa" I said shyly .
we walked together to the classroom and all the girls were eying me with jealousy.

He sat beside me and we talked the whole day we even had lunch together.
He walked me to my car where Sebastian stared at him suspiciously
I introduced them ,just when I was about to enter the car Jack handed me a piece of paper which I took gladly and sat in the car.
When I reached home I sprinted to my room and took out the paper

It was Jack's phone number and a wink face on the top I danced in joy just when I remembered something

"oh shit"

*life's a bitch"

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