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Pen Your Pride

Prelude: See Who I Am

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“Rei sei va, sei arielle

Sa vi se tu mele du on leja

Arielle, tul ke se norre

Ja tul fje erenorde i nos de na ian.”

Serapheme's Lullaby

I look back now. The Infinity today is not as I remembered it when I was a child – but then again, that was almost 44,000 years ago.

     Gazing over the treetops, I reminisced my past. The good, the bad, and the terrible.

     The past to me is like the ocean, the tide rising to meet me head on, and receding to hide from my sight. It is unpredictable; one moment it is calm, beautiful, sad. The next it is violent and angry, crashing against the shores of my life with the intent to kill.

     The Infinity I remember was much more beautiful, more peaceful, and simpler. The Guardians were plentiful; everything had a Guardian. Happiness, sorrow, love, hatred. Every aspect of life had one. But the main three, the three that we – the people of Penthos – call the Trinity, were the most powerful. There was Spirit, who guided and controlled the dead; Darkness, who was the night and destruction and all negative emotion; and finally, there was Light. Light, who was peace and love and the sun and the moon and all things good. My family loved her. She was our god. We prayed not to Fate, but she.

     Alas, she was old. Dying, in fact, with no wish to be revived and live forever to watch over the universe. And as she lay dying, drawing her last breath, she bestowed her power without the consent of the Council on a child who wouldn’t be born another century and a half.

     This is the story of the Guardian Sea and its keepers.

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