My...Stepbrother? {25}

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                                                                ***Kory’s POV***


                “Kory, don’t you even think about it.”


                “Kory, I mean it. I will seriously kill yo-”


                My palm collided with Trace’s forehead and he rocked back slightly. He rocked forward and glared at me.

                I jumped off his bed and held up a pillow for protection. He got up and stormed over to me. I whimpered and gave him puppy dog eyes.

                “DON’T KILL ME! I’M ADORABLE!” I shrieked and winced as his hand shot out.

                He grabbed me and forced me to my feet. I clutched the pillow tightly as he threw me onto his bed and crawled on top of me.

                “You’re being bad again,” he breathed. His breath blew on my neck and I shivered like I always did. I nodded my head slowly as he began to nibble at my neck. My mom hadn’t seen the bruise or the hickey yet. I had been avoiding her and Brandon. Then again, that had only been yesterday. So I would probably be caught soon.

                “Do you have to be taught a lesson?” Trace asked and I nodded eagerly.

                He sucked at my neck and I couldn’t help but moan. He trailed kisses up my neck to my chin before going back down my neck. His hands moved to my shirt and I helped him pull it off of my body.

                He kissed down my chest and then I moaned again as he flicked his tongue over my right nipple. He began to suck it while gently massaging my left nipple with his thumb. The lower half of his body was beginning to gently grind on me and I felt myself growing excited.

                He traced his tongue down my stomach to the waist band of my jeans. He grabbed my hips and grinded on me harder.

                Trace suddenly stopped grinding on me and smirked. “Have fun with your cold shower. Alone,” he said and rolled off of me.

                I frowned, actually a little hurt this time. Trace seemed to notice and gave me a questioning look, sitting next to me.

                I sat up and adjusted myself, fighting off a blush as I did so. “Trace…if you can’t be like…that…with me, than why are we together? Are you really even gay?” I asked quietly.

                “Kory, I kissed you, made out with you, grinded on you… I’m definitely gay for you,” he said in annoyance, rolling his eyes at me.

                “But you wouldn’t do anything sexual with you. I’m not saying that sexual stuff makes or breaks a relationship- it doesn’t – but I do think it’s important to know you would do that stuff with me. Otherwise, you might not actually be gay,” I said, wondering if I was making sense to him.

                I looked down at my hands as Trace fell silent. What if he wasn’t really gay for me? What if he had just been lying to himself or something?

                My head jerked up in surprise as Trace climbed into my lap and forced me to lie back down. He crashed his lips on mine, his tongue going into my mouth and exploring it as his thumbs massaged my nipples again.

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