I'm back - Daniel Ricciardo

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I'm using so many "Finally Found you" lines that I should be worried haha.
But I had these idea and I had to write.
You, enjoy ♡

Dear Dan was finally back. But unfortunately we weren't together anymore, which meant that he wouldn't come to my apartment even if he's already home. He would probably rather spend his time with his family, and with his dear Jemma aka his ex, who according to the media, is dating him again. I expected this somehow but I still feel bad about it. I love that stupid aussie, I love every little detail about him, absolutely everything, including his imperfections.

We had great moments, great times, perfect memories of everything we had, and that's something I will keep in my memory forever. Out trips, our secret moments, making love at the motor home because he needed to be focused, saying random stupid things in the team radio because he always loved to remind everyone how much he loved me, and of course our bad moments that led us to those deep conversation where we ended up always declaring our feelings for each other.

"YN, are you feeling okay?" Martha is a woman who takes care of me and of my apartment since I moved from my parents. She helps me anytime and in everything, she's like my mother. "What's wrong honey?"

"Nothing, I'm just a bit tired, you know I've been working a lot lately." I hugged my pillow.

"Yes, working to forget about Dan, am I right?"

"He's dating now, what am I suppose to do??"

"YN! Niña, since when you're such a coward? You know exactly what to do! Go there grab that Jemma girl by her hair and tell her who's the real boss!" Martha saying this with her Spaniard accent couldn't sound much funnier! "See? There's the smile I wanted to see. Mi amor, if you and Daniel aren't meant to be then you're not going to meet ever again, and you're going to forget each other like magic. But, if you two are what I believe you are, I'm sure you're going to be doing those stupid things you do since you two meet. That boy loves you mi amor, he will come after you because you were made for him and he was made for you. YN... "

"Martha... I just miss him... I miss him too much. I never thought I would feel so destroyed like I'm feeling now."

"Amor couples fight all the time, they say stupid things to one another but then everything goes back to normal. Certain things are just to make you learn to deal with difficulties. And you're always the best doing this. Hija tú es la mejor del mundo! You know you can do this. You're not alone, and he's just a boy who you love and who loves you. And you two will get back together sooner than you imagine." I shake my head looking at her. "Muchas bendiciones mi hija! Te quiero!"

"Mar!" I get up and hug her. "I love you more." Thank you." I lay my head in her tights while she massages my hair and hums her favourite song.

Less than minutes later i was falling asleep deeply, but her words keep echoing inside my head and Daniel images keep flashing like a camera flash. But everything was so difficult right now, after the last argument everything got so different, he was different since a long time ago, maybe he didn't love me anymore. I could feel the tears rolling down my face, so to avoid that I got up, prepared myself and decided to wear a simple dress and a hoodie because it was a bit cold outside. 
For me, it was always complicate to understand what's the difficulty of keeping a promise. Dan promised not only to me, but also to my parents that he would take care of me no matter what happens, he promised that he would love me in every phase of our life, more after our marriage but now this isn't going to happen either. Maybe it was my fault, I wasn't enough for him, he deserved so much but I wasn't enough, I just wasn't and he got tired. Jemma was always the perfect one, she was his sweetheart, the love of his life, the girl who stole his heart.

I'm powerless, I'm speechless and I'm absolutely hurt. Of course Daniel wasn't my first love, but to be honest he was the biggest and deeper  of all.
I thought that walking would make me forget or think about other things, but how if this was one of the most important things in my life. Daniel is my life.
I stopped at this spot and slowly while looking around I recognised. It was one of the most beautiful places of the city, and it was our favourite because we used to be here just looking at the sunset. This sunset is beautiful!
The blue sky now sharing some different colours like  orange and pink, while the clouds formed beautiful figures around the sky covering some parts of the sunset creating a stunning show of the nature.

"Sunset, this never gets old. It's so beautiful!" I tell more to myself since I'm alone.

"So is the girl who's watching it." His voice... I knew it was him, he was behind me and I wanted and needed the courage to turn around and face him but I was scared. "YN."

And I wasn't able to say a word. I had so many questions, but he wasn't obligated to answer. But I could feel his eyes on me. He literally glued his eyes, but it wasn't uncomfortable, neither the silence. I was enjoying the view, and he? He was confusing.

"I wanna talk. I need to hear you... please..." his voice was low, the grin wasn't there, the love? I don't know.

"I wasn't enough right?"

"What are you saying woman? Is not like that! You know how strong my feelings were for you."

"What made you fall in love with me?"

" What you mean what made me fall? Who told you I've stopped falling in love with you?" He asked getting my attention now.


"No! Don't come up to me with this Daniel thing! Just Listen! How many times I told you you're beautiful? You're the most perfect girl I've ever seen in my entire life and I regret so much being a dumbass and stop giving you the attention you deserve. This was all my fault. With all the stress of my work, you know how I am, you know how annoying I can get and this time I ended up putting all the fault on you, on our relationship but baby girl, you are my love, you are my number one priority, my family my everything and believe me or not, I would give up on everything for you. I just love you too much, I can't stay away from you anymore. I'm sorry baby girl."

"The only thing I wanted the most was always love you and make you happy until at night you go to bed and just think is it even possible to love and to be happy like this? But I failed."

"YN, you already make me feel this way, since I've meet you."

"I dont know. This sounds like a goodbye and I don't wanna say goodbye Daniel. But if this is a goodbye...-"

"I don't want neither. I Love you. And I don't want nude selfies anymore, F that. I want pictures of your smile, and those beautiful mermerising eyes." I giggle while he wipes some tears who insisted on escaping. "There's's huge difference between you and any other girl, and I want you to know it: I ONLY want, need, and Love YOU, only YOU! You're the most beautiful, funny, intelligent, idiot and incredible girl to be around. You're so perfect, I love everything about you and yet you still insecure about yourself. I wanna change that, we will change that, together."

"I LOVE you too much to let you go. I'll never ever ever let you go again."

"I'll never let me go again!"

"  Daniel, you're my world, and you make me feel on top of the world." He hugs me from behind, but then turns me around to face him.

"Well, If I'm your world, why don't you let me put you on top of me!"

"Oh!" I covered my face shaking me head! "There is the Daniel I know!" I giggle hiding my face on his chest while his grin got wider. "I love you!" I smile at him, and I see his beautiful eyes shining like glitter and his beautiful cute smile coming back to his handsome face.

"I love you too much, words aren't enough to tell you this. I'm back my baby girl." He kisses my nose making me giggle and then kisses my mouth and Damn! There were the sparkles, the thunders and earthquakes inside my body, all that electricity and that feeling was back, the being in love feeling... the being loved feeling...

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