Chapter 36

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Fuck this. There was no way in hell that this was going to happen. I would put up with Ms. Hellman and her sadistic schemes, I would allow guards to lead me around like a dog on a leash, and I would even tolerate James' presence now that I had kicked his ass. But I would not let a sick rapist anywhere near Rose. I wouldn't let him take her down hallways every day when I wasn't there to ensure her safety.

I had thought it was James, the man that Jane had been talking about. Rose and I both did. We were sure of it. But no, this place was apparently plentiful in repulsive, vile security guards. James, Norman, Kevin, and whoever this other person was that Jane had been referring to. Four psychotic men who treated women like sex slaves, all in perfect reach of my Rose. Just fucking perfect. All of them could burn in hell, but until then, I wasn't letting them anywhere near her. No fucking way.

Just the thought of any of their eyes fixed on her, thinking about her, wanting to touch her, drove me crazy. And imagine, one day if I weren't there, they would have an opportunity to do just that. That fucking Kevin guy could simply lock the cell door and nobody would know. He did it to Jane, so why not Rose, too? He could overpower her in an instant and do whatever he wanted. Lunch was over in what, thirty minutes? And then once again they would be alone in a dark hallway with no sane witnesses.

The thought left me almost shaking with anger and I abruptly stood from where I sat. I couldn't take it anymore. "I'll be right back," I announced to the three women. I stood up and they all stared at me, each wearing a different expression.

"Where are you going?" Rose asked, her big eyes staring up at me through long dark lashes.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be right back," I repeated again, placing a swift kiss to her forehead. The gesture only slightly reassured her, but she didn't protest. I walked toward the line of guards along the wall and found Brian easily. He was chatting with a few other men who barely looked up when I approached. "I need to see Ms. Hellman," I demanded. They looked less than surprised. Slightly amused, if anything.

"After lunch," he spoke indifferently, and then proceeded talking.

"No, now." I was getting more anxious by the second, and angry, too. Something in my tone must've displayed the feeling because he started to pay more attention.

"Harry, lunch ends in a half hour. We can-"

"Dammit, just fucking take me there. It's urgent."

The stubby man sighed as if he were annoyed, but complied by stepping away from his friends. I was surprised, actually, that he had listened. I had expected more of an argument. Maybe he was afraid of me, or maybe he was just slightly less horrible than other employees of his kind. He excused himself from the conversation and then headed toward the door with me a few feet in front of him.

The length of the halls was still painted with its usual ghastly dark color. Our footsteps echoed along the cement floor as they twisted through turns and corridors until we reached the office of satan's mistress. She may not even be inside, but it was worth the risk.

I tried to maintain some civility as I waited for Brian to enter first, stopping myself from barging in. He knocked before entering but then entered anyway. "Um, Ms. Hellman?" he asked. If I didn't know any better I would've guessed that he was slightly nervous himself. "Harry Styles wants to see you."

I heard something that sounded like "send him in," and it briefly made me uneasy. It sounded less like a request and more like a death sentence.

Brian looked toward me and nodded toward Ms. Hellman, signaling for me to enter. So I did, Brian right behind to make sure I didn't do anything that would live up to my label of insanity.

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