“Blood Bound”

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Chapter 25

    Isabella stood in front of three members of the prestigious Vampiric Council.  She has known all three of the men for many years now because they had been both close friends and confidants of her husband.  She also knew their wives, walked in their social circles and she even knew their children as well as their respective spouses.  These were her people, people that she had lived and socialized with for over a century now and she hoped that the bond between them all would be enough to finally put an end to Shelby Tanner and that cursed prophecy as well. 

    This was it.  This was her time to make them see what had to be done, not just for herself and Leo but for their kind as a whole.  The prophecy couldn’t be allowed to come to fruition.  It was up to them to stop it and the easiest way to stop it, was to cut the problem off at the head.  In this case, getting rid of that mongrel bitch that has managed to put a spell on her son once and for all. 

    Isabella neatly folded her hands in her lap and met the gazes of each vampire before her.  “So as you can see my dear friends, there really is only one way to handle this situation.”

    Mr. Dardonte was the first one to speak.  Ever since he received that phone call from Mr. Risso‘s servant, he had a bad feeling about what lay ahead for the future of their kind.  Albert Risso was a good friend of his and before he left this realm, he would have whole heartedly agreed with anything that he had said.  But now, he wasn’t all too sure about it.  He had a feeling that this was about more than just a prophecy. 

    He brought his hand to his throat and made a subtle effort to clear it.  “And what way is that, Mrs. Risso?   What is it that you suppose we do?”

    She pinned him with her stare.  “That’s easy Alex.  We kill her.  The prophecy can‘t happen if she‘s no longer here to make it happen, now can it?”

    “Isn’t this woman bound to your son,” Marko cut in before Alex could respond.  “Aren’t they life bonded?”

    She waved her hand in the air as if dismissing the claim in general.  “He says he is and he may think he is, but she‘s not pure.  She is a simple turned and with out the proper lineage I refuse to accept the bond, regardless of what he says.”

     Alex Dardonte sat up and leaned forward so that his elbows rested on his knees.  “But if they are bound Mrs. Risso,” he queried, “Surely you know that Leo will not stand idly by and let us just execute his new Bride.”

    Isabella felt her anger spark.  She didn’t like the way that this conversation was going.  Why couldn’t they just take it at face value and agree to the execution?  It wasn’t that big a deal; the girl was nothing more than a stupid little human. 

    Running her hands up and down the length of her pencil shaped skirt, she had to work hard to hold on to her composure.  “You misunderstand me Alex.  Leo is blinded right now with nothing more than a play toy.  Once she is out of the picture, then Tatiana will be his true Bride.  Once they are bonded, he will forget all about the pesky girl.”

    It was all starting to make sense now.  Alex Dardonte was starting to get the big picture.  This was no more about the prophecy than it was about her son’s choice of Brides.  “I believe you are the one that is blinded Ms. Risso.  Leo chose her for a reason.  Sometimes, as parents, we don’t understand our children’s choices.  It is then that we have to trust in the beliefs that we brought them up on to see through their eternities.”

    Isabella was livid.  She stood up so fast from her chair that it crashed to the floor.  She glanced at the other two Council members.  “Do you agree with him?” She demanded in outrage.  “Do both of you think that this human," she spat out the word as if it left a bad taste in her mouth, “is worth the unveiling of the Prophecy?”

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